HC Deb 05 May 1972 vol 836 c772

As Amended (in the Standing Committee), considered.

Mr. Speaker

With regard to the selection of new Clauses and Amendments, I hope that my selection has been posted up, but I have selected new Clause 2, and with it it will be in order to discuss the following Amendments: No. 23, in page 5, line 24, leave out Clause 7.

No. 24, in line 24 [Clause 7], leave out ' may ' and insert ' shall '.

No. 25, in line 32, leave out ' have regard to ' and insert ' act in accordance with '.

No. 27, in line 33, leave out from ' above ' to end of line 36, and No. 26, in line 33, leave out from ' but ' to end of line 36 and insert: 'the local authority can in the interest of public health or public safety dispense with any particular provision or provisions of the code of practice '. If a Division is requested on Amendment No. 25, I will allow that.