HC Deb 19 June 1972 vol 839 cc19-20
23. Mr. Fred Evans

asked the Secretary of State for Wales if he has prepared an integrated development plan for Glamorgan; and if he will now publish it.

Mr. Peter Thomas

No, Sir. This is the responsibility of the local planning authority.

Mr. Evans

Is the Minister aware that many people in Wales will consider that he should at least have taken some initiative, in view of the fact that a proposal for a new town was about to come forward and that such a proposal would have a considerable impact on the surrounding areas? Is he further aware that the Welsh Council even in its own document pointed to the serious psychological impact which this proposal might have and called for an impact study of Llantrisant New Town? Will he give an undertaking that he will not implement any decisions about the new town until an integrated scheme for development in Glamorgan is made and until a thorough impact study is supplied to the people of Wales?

Mr. Thomas

No, Sir, I cannot give the undertaking for which the hon. Gentleman asks in the latter part of his supplementary question. As for his question about the taking of an initiative, I must point out that the Glamorgan County Council's old-style development plans under the Town and Country Planning Acts 1947 to 1962 were submitted many years ago and are out of date. Therefore, we are anxious that the county council should proceed as quickly as possible with the preparation of a new-style structure plan in accordance with Part II of the Town and Country Planning Act, 1971.

Mr. Rowlands

Has the right hon. Gentleman seen the plea made by a large number of authorities which are presenting evidence at the public inquiry that an impact study should be instituted before any final decision is taken? Whatever the merits or demerits of the new town scheme, does he not think that he should initiate such a study so that before any irrevocable decision is made we shall know what impact the new town will have on the existing community?

Mr. Thomas

I do not think that such a suggestion was put forward by Glamorgan County Council. As for deferring any decision on the new town, I must point out that sufficient work has been done to enable me to put forward my proposals. The public inquiry will produce further information which I shall take into account before coming to my final decision.