HC Deb 07 June 1972 vol 838 c508


Amendments made: No. 135, in page 51, line 32, at endinsert— (2A) Notwithstanding section 66(2) of this Act, the reference in subsection (2)(a) above to the date of registration shall be construed, in a case where a rent determined by a rent assessment committee is registered in substitution for a rent determined by the rent officer, as a reference to the date on which the rent determined by the rent assessment committee was registered.

No. 136, in page 52, line 29, at end add—

  1. (9) This section applies whether the registration mentioned in subsection (1) above is the first or any subsequent registration and, in the case of a subsequent registration, whether or not the rent limit immediately before the date of registration was that fixed by a direction under this section.
  2. (10) A confirmation of arent by the rent officer shall be treated for the purposes of this section as a registration of a rent which supersedes the registration, whether or not it is a provisional registration, prior to the confirmation.—[Mr. Younger.]

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