HC Deb 07 June 1972 vol 838 cc505-6


Amendments made:

No. 114, in page 42, line 26, leave out 'if they complete' and insert: 'as provided by the following provisions of this section and section 55 below, in respect of'.

No. 115, in line 27, leave out 'and' and insert 'if they'.

No. 116, in page 43, line 9, leave out 'as estimated in accordance with subsections (7) to (10) below'.

No. 117, in line 12, leave out 'that every dwelling-house' and insert: ', subject to subsection (7A) below, that every house'.

No. 118, in line 41, at end insert: (7A) The Secretary of State may direct under subsection (7) above that paragraph (b) of subsection (5) above shall have effect with the substitution for the assumption specified in that paragraph of such other assumption as may be specified in the direction.

No. 119, in page 44, line 6, leave out 'subsection (7)' and insert 'subsections (7) and (7A)'.

No. 120, in line 27, after 'expenditure', insert '(including loan charges)'.

No. 121, in line 28, leave out 'statutory' and insert 'housing'.—[Mr. Younger.]

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