HC Deb 18 January 1972 vol 829 c187
The First Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means (Miss Harvie Anderson)

I beg to move, That notwithstanding anything in Standing Order 231 (Presentation of petition for bill under section 1(4) of the Procedure Act) the Promoters of the British Railways Bill be permitted to proceed with their Petition. At a late stage the promoters of this Bill realised that Clause 17 dealing with byelaws was one which for the sake of uniformity should apply to Scotland as well as to England and Wales. It was by then too late for the promoters to apply at the appropriate time to the Secretary of State for Scotland in accordance with Section 1(4) of the Private Legislation Procedure (Scotland) Act, 1936, since the petition for the Bill had already been deposited, and this constituted a failure to comply with Standing Order 231.

The Chairman of Ways and Means has seen the Parliamentary Agent concerned and satisfied himself that the rights of other parties are in no way prejudiced by the moving of this Motion. Nor has the Agent's failure in any way affected the proper consideration of the representations which the Act requires.

I therefore commend the Motion to the House.

Question put and agreed to.