HC Deb 28 February 1972 vol 832 cc10-1
9. Mr. Leslie Huckfield

asked the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry what companies are currently in receipt of aid from his Department to promote machine tool development projects; and how much they are receiving.

Sir J. Eden

In the current financial year 21 companies are getting support amounting to £445,000. I will circulate details in the OFFICIAL REPORT. Also four companies are receiving a total of £375.000 this year under contracts from the N.R.D.C.

Mr. Huckfield

Is the Minister aware that, though I am grateful that at last I have been able to get some kind of information like that, there is a great deal of concern among the workers in the industry that much of this money is spent on imported machine tools? Will the hon. Gentleman now give us an idea of the percentage of this money from the Government which is spent on imported machine tools and say whether his Department has any new initiative for the machine tool industry?

Sir J. Eden

If I can identify, in the detailed form the hon. Gentleman requires, the kind of information for which he has asked, I will certainly let him have it.

Following in the information:

Company Item Total Contracts Value £'000 Total Payments Expected 1971–72 £'000
Abwood Machine Tools Ltd. Electrolytic Grinder 27.6 0.7
Bishop Eaves Workmaster Lathe 51.4 23.6
Broadbent-Schofield Ltd. Automatic Lathes 52.0 15.6
Butler Machine Tool Co. Ltd. Plano Milling Machine 75.9
Cambridge Vacuum Electron Beam Welder 80.8 0.7
Churchill Redman Automatic Lathe 139.8 39.1
Churchill Redman P.5 Lathe 172.8 0.2
Churchill Vero Machine Tools Ltd. Machining Centre 82.9
English Electric-A.E.I. Turbine Generators Ltd. Petro-Forge Process 13.8 3.3
Ferranti Ltd. Drawing and Measuring Machine 93.5
J. Goulder and Sons Ltd. Gear Testing Machine 29.6 0.7
Herbert B.S.A. Ltd 2M Robot Lathe (Programme-sequenced) 192.6 2.0
Herbert B.S.A. Ltd. 3M Robot Lathe (Programme-sequenced) 111.0 1.9
Herbert B.S.A. Ltd. Automatic Capstan Lathe 44.6 0.1
Herbert B.S.A. Ltd. No. 3 Programmed Automatic Lathe 294.9 1.9
Herbert B.S.A. Ltd. No. 4 Programmed Automatic Lathe 192.5 5.6
Herbert B.S.A. Ltd. Vertical Automatic Lathe 240.4 9.6
Herbert B.S.A. Ltd. Machining Centre 152.5 49.6
Herbert B.S.A. Ltd. Turning Centre 204.3 62.2
Herbert B.S.A. Ltd. Electro-Chemical Deburring Machine 18.9 5.8
Jones and Shipman Cylindrical Grinding Machine 46.6 0.6
Jones and Shipman Surface Grinding Machine 32.6 0.3
Jones and Shipman Grinding Machine 19.3 0.2
Marwin Machine Tools Ltd. Machining Centre 322.0 18.3
Massey Ltd. Hydrostamp Press 242.0 2.2
Newall Eng. Co. Ltd. High Speed Grinding Machine 144.2 76.1
Redman Eng. Co. Ltd. Pre-forming "Use-Making" Machine 24.7 1.4
F. E. Rowland and Co. Ltd. Friction Welding Machine 19.6
Thos. Ryder and Son Ltd. Transfer Line Units 596.7 52.7
Van Moppes Profile Grinding Machine 6.7 1.7
Wadkin Ltd. Die-formed End-jointing Machine for Timber. 9.1 2.9
Wickman Machine Tool Sales Ltd. Single-spingle Chucking Automatic Lathe. 48.9 18.9
Wickman Machine Tool Sales Ltd. 12 inch Chucking Programmed Lathe 35.2 11.6
Wickman Machine Tool Sales Ltd. 24 inch Chucking Programmed Lathe 50.6 31.9
Wickman Machine Tool Sales Ltd. Internal Grinding Machine 43.4 3.5
TOTAL 3,913.4 444.9