HC Deb 16 November 1971 vol 826 cc379-80

Standing Order No. 104 (Deputy Chairman)

Line 3, leave out 'a Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means', and insert 'two Deputy Chairmen of Ways and Means who shall be known respectively as the First and the Second Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means and'.

Standing Order No. 30 (Closure of Debate)

Line 32, after 'or', insert 'either'.

Standing Order No. 33 (Selection of Amendments)

Line 8, leave out 'Chairman' and insert 'Chairmen'.

Line 13, leave out 'the' and insert 'either'

Standing Order No. 105 (Deputy Speaker)

Line 2, leave out first 'the' and insert a'.

Leave out lines 25 to 32 and add— (3) Whenever the House has been informed by the Clerk at the Table of the unavoidable absence both of Mr. Speaker and of the Chairman of Ways and Means, the First Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means shall perform the duties and exercise the authority of the Speaker in accordance with paragraph (2) of this Order; and if the House should be so informed of the unavoidable absence of the First Deputy Chairman also, the Second Deputy Chairman shall perform those duties and exercise that authority.

Standing Order No. 106 (Chairmen's Panel)

Line 9, leave out 'Chairman' and insert 'Chairmen'.

Standing Order No. 122 (Earlier meeting of House in certain circumstances)

Line 27, leave out 'the' and insert either'.—[Mr. Whitelaw.]

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