HC Deb 16 November 1971 vol 826 c378

Standing Order No. 43 (Business Committee)

Line 3, leave out 'Members of the Chairmen's Panel' and insert 'Chairman of Ways and Means who shall be chairman of the committee'.

Line 4, leave out 'five' and insert 'eight'.

Line 6, leave out from first 'order' to 'applies' in line 7.

Line 8, leave out 'seven' and insert 'four'.

Line 20, leave out lines 20 to 26.

Insert new Standing Order (Allocation of time to bills):

If a motion be made by a Minister of the Crown providing for the allocation of time to any proceedings on a bill Mr. Speaker shall, not more than three hours after the commencement of the proceedings on such a motion, proceed to put any question necessary to dispose of those proceedings.

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