HC Deb 23 November 1970 vol 807 cc33-4
Mr. Denzil Davies

On a point of order, Mr. Speaker. May I ask whether you have received notification from the Secretary of State for Wales that he intends to reconcile the apparent conflict or contradiction in the Answer which he gave to me on Question No. 4 relating to the proposal to locale a gunnery range at Pembrey in my constituency, when, on the one hand, the Secretary of State said that he intended to consult the Ministry of Defence, and, on the other hand, he decided that he was acting in a quasi-judicial capacity?

Mr. Speaker

Order. It is not for the Chair to attempt to reconcile statements by Ministers or hon. Members. It seems to me that this is a difference of opinion between the hon. Member and the Minister. The simple answer is that the Secretary of State for Wales has not asked whether he may make a statement reconciling what the hon. Gentleman regards as an inconsistent statement.

Mr. George Thomas

On a point of order, Mr. Speaker. Whilst, of course, we accept your Ruling, may I ask you what redress there is for the people of Wales, as the Secretary of State, who is supposed to act in a semi-judicial capacity in this matter, has indicated to the House this afternoon that he proposes to consult one side to this dispute and to show them the report whilst he withholds it from the other?

Mr. Speaker

Again this is a point of difference between the Secretary of State for Wales and the ex-Secretary of State for Wales. They must reconcile it themselves. I cannot interfere.

Mr. Alan Williams

Mr. Speaker, are you saying that this is a matter involving a point of honour for the person concerned who has made a mistake to decide whether or not to correct that mistake?

Mr. Speaker

Order, I would never rule on a point of honour. We are in a House where all are honourable men—except the ladies, who are honourable ladies.

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