HC Deb 18 February 1970 vol 796 cc386-91
8. Mr. Manuel

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland what will be the mileage and value of road schemes which will be commenced during 1970.

Mr. Ross

About 106½ miles of major schemes for trunk and principal roads, costing over £40 million, together with many smaller improvement schemes, and schemes financed wholly by local authorities, for which I cannot at present give firm figures.

Mr. Manuel

I thank my right hon. Friend for that reply. Is he aware that in no period of Scottish history has provision for roads been made at the volume and at the standard that we have today?

Mr. Ross

Yes, Sir. That is reflected in Central Government expenditure. Since 1964–65 expenditure on new construction and major improvements has more than doubled.

Mr. David Steel

Am I right in thinking that these figures do not include any provision for a ring road round the south side of the City of Edinburgh?

Mr. Ross

The hon. Member knows some of the difficulties in respect of that project. We shall need to know what the route is before we get down to it.

25. Mr. Manuel

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will list the number and cost of new roads and road improvements carried out in the county of Ayr from 1965 until 1969, inclusive.

Mr. Ross

During this period 144 schemes wholly or partly financed by specific Government grant were authorised. They cost over £4 million, and the Government's share was 0.7 million.

With permission, I shall circulate a full list in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Mr. Manuel

Is my right hon. Friend aware that the people of Ayrshire are expressing universal appreciation at the width and scope and excellence of road improvements and new roads constructed in Ayrshire since 1965, with the possible exception of the two Tory M.P.s in Ayrshire who have slim majorities and perhaps think that my right hon. Friend is doing too well?

Mr. Ross

I think that when my hon. Friend and other hon. Members see the list they will appreciate that we have been paying the attention which this merits to those parts of Scotland hard hit by colliery closures and those which require road improvements for growing industry. I hope to be able before too long to

Year of authorisation Route Description Estimated Cost
1965 A78 Improvement at the Linn, Eglinton Road, Ardrossan 4,347
A76 Kilmarnock-Dumfries—5 small schemes 20,318†
A77 Stranraer-Glasgow—8 small schemes 38,330†
A78 Gourock-Largs-Monkton—4 small schemes 12,000†
Total for 1965 Schemes (18) £74,995
1966 A76 Dumfries-Kilmarnock—7 small schemes 23,034†
A77 Provision of dual carriageways at junction with A719 101,895
A77 Provision of dual carriageways at Eaglesham Road Junction (B764) 101 693
A78 Widening, etc., of St. Fillan's Bridge, North of Largs 12,521
A77 Stranraer-Stirling—6 small schemes 43,340†
A78 Widening of Seamill Bridge and Seamill Lade Bridge 10,778
A78 Greenock-Largs-Monkton—6 small schemes 11,250†
Total for 1966 Schemes (23) £304,511
1967 A76 Dumfries-Kilmarnock—5 small schemes 3,400†
A76 Skerrington southwards for ½ mile 8,000
A76 Auchinleck-Cumnock 14,000
A76 A719 Crossroads to Barleith Bridge 14,800
A76 New Cumnock-Lochview 8,200
A77 Kirkoswald Village to Dowhill 24,500
A77 Provision of dual carriageways between Dutch House and Coodham 860,788
A77 Ayr Bypass (Improvement) 15,750†
A77 Stranraer-Stirling—4 small schemes 15,000†
A78 Kilwinning Bypass (Improvement) 12,250†
A78 Largs-Fairlie 6,500
A78 Seamill section 6,500
A78 3 small schemes 6,000
Total for 1967 Schemes (22) £995,688
1968 A76 Crossroads-Bargower 24,675
A76 Mauchline to B744 junction 20,370
A77 Dowhill to Bridgemill, Girvan 22,575
A78 Ardrossan-Seamill 21,210
Total for 1968 Schemes (4) £88,830

come to some conclusion with the development corporation in respect of the Irvine by-pass.

Mr. Brewis

Is the right hon. Gentleman aware of the grave dissatisfaction about both the roads leading to Wigton-shire, the Stranraer and Newton Stewart roads? Will he endeavour to do something about them?

Mr. Ross

If the hon. Member looks at the list and takes note of what is being done, he will see that we are improving roads in that direction, and he will agree that he had to suffer under the Tories for 13 years with nothing being done.

Following is the information:

Year authorisation Route Description Estimated Cost £
1969 A76 Rottenyard to Midlowcs Diversion 152,107
A77 Monkwood Bridge, Ayr-Maybole 226,834
A77 Ayr Bypass Stage III 470,346
A77 Improvement at Nether Culzean 49,134
A77 Improvement at North Drummurran 169,063
A77 Improvement south of Kewnston-Grange 104,578
A77 North of Minishant 36,757
A77 Improvement at Damhoose, Kirkoswald 47,227
A78 Reconstruction of Highthorne Bridge 2,477
Total for 1969 Schemes (9) £1,258,253
* Including the Burghs of Ayr and Kilmarnock.
† Includes some maintenance.
Year of authorisation Route Description Estimated Cost £ Grant £
1965 A70 Lugar-Muirkirk I and II realignment 32,800 24,600
A714 Pinwherry to Barrhill 11,012 8,259
A737 Kilwinning to Dalry 29,806 22,354
A70 Lugar-Muirkirk III 40,036 30,027
B730 Dreghorn-Tarbolton-Patna 17,521 10,512
Tanyard Lane, Cumnock 20,147 10,073
C132 Mill Road, Irvine 5,500 2,750
B706 Dunlop-Beith Road 7,155 4,293
A738 Stevenston-Saltcoats-Ardrossan 3,045 2,284
A719 Ayr-Galston 37,286 27,964
Fowlds Street Junction Clark Street, Old Mill Road 11,098 5,549
Witchknowe Road/Whatriggs Road junction Kilmarnock
A77 Ayr Road, Kilmarnock 1,225 919
New access Road to Ardeer at Stevenston 150,787 72,472
Total for 1965 Schemes (14) £367,418 £222,056
1966 B728 Ardrossan Link Road 19,977 11,997
A737 Kilwinning-Beith Road 109,947 82,460
A714 Girvan-Newton Stewart 20,511 15,383
B714 Hill Street, Saltcoats 4,670 2,802
A759 Bus draw-in Gatehead 800 600
A735 Rig Street, Stewarton 760 570
Unclassified 3 minor schemes—
Flatfield/Symington loop: Gottries Road/ Portland Street 10,300 5,150
New Street, Kilmarnock 6,770 3,385
Widening of King Street, Ayr: land acquisition 21,250 15,938
Total for 1966 Schemes (11) £194,985 £138,285
1967 B780 Ardrossan-Dalry 37,625 22,574
A758 Ayr-Mauchline 13,580 10,185
B706 Dunlop-Beith 14,022 8,413
A713 Ayr-Dalmellington 17,316 12,987
A70 Lugar-Muirkirk 18,361 13,973
A70 Ayr-Edinburgh 39,754 29,815
A719 Gauchalland Bridge, Galston 9,850 7,388
A719 Ayr-Galston 23,441 17,580
Grassyards Road, Kilmarnock 90,357 45,179
Total for 1967 Schemes (9) £264,306 £168,094

Year of authorisation Route Description Estimated Cost £ Grant £
1968 A719 Turnberry-Ayr-Galston 30,257 22,692
A713 Ayr-Dalmellington 31,403 23,552
A713 Ayr-Dalmellington 12,882 9,662
A71 Irvine-Kilmarnock-Edinburgh 62,118 46,588
A719 Turnberry-Ayr-Galston 14,897 11,173
John Street, Ayr 14,000 10,500
King Street, Ayr 34,750 26,062
John Street, Ayr 5,500 4,125
Hill Street, Kilmarnock 9,500 7,125
Installation of Traffic Lights, Kilmarnock 7,515 5,637
Installation of Traffic Lights, Ayr 3,067 2,300
Total for 1968 Schemes (11) £225,889 £169,416
1969 A713 Ayr-Dalmellington-Castle Douglas 22,714 17,036
A719 Ayr-Galston 32,558 24,418
A71 Edinburgh-Irvine 57,500 43,125
A737 Road lighting from Kilwinning-Stevenston 1,850 1,388
(Land Acquisition, Lugar) 2,030 1,523
A79 Road lighting at Loop Road, Ayr 1,400 1,050
Total for 1969 Schemes (6) £118,052 £88,540