HC Deb 08 April 1970 vol 799 cc686-8

Ordered, That the Report [7th April] from the Business Committee be now considered.—[Mr. Mulley.]

Report considered accordingly.

Question, That this House doth agree with the Committee in the said Resolution, put forthwith, pursuant to Standing Order No. 43A (Allocation of time to Bills) and agreed to.

The following is the Report of the Business Committee: That the following provisions shall apply to the remaining Proceedings in the Standing Committee on the Ports Bill:— 1.—(1) Twenty-one days in all, including Tuesday 27th January and later days on which the Committee have already sat when these recommendations take effect, shall be allotted to the consideration of the Bill by the Committee. (2) The Proceedings to be taken on the 19th to 21st days shall be as shown in the first and second columns of the Table at the end of this paragraph. (3) The Proceedings which are to be so taken on any day shown in the first column of that Table shall, if not previously brought to a conclusion, be brought to a conclusion on that day at the time shown in the third column of that Table.

Day Proceedings Time for conclusion of Proceedings p.m.
19 Remaining Clauses 6.20
20 Proposed Clauses 12.50
Schedules 1, 2 and 4 10.20
21 Schedules 5, 6 and 8 to 11 and proposed Schedules 12.50

2.—(1) At a Sitting of the Standing Committee at which any Proceedings are so to be brought to a conclusion the Chairman shall not adjourn the Committee under any Order relating to the Sittings of the Committee until the Proceedings have been brought to a conclusion.

(2) In Proceedings on the Bill in Standing Committee:

  1. (a) no Motion shall be made relating to the sittings of the Committee except by a Member of the Government, and the Chairman shall permit a brief explanatory statement of the reasons for the Motion from the Member who moves, and from a Member who opposes, the Motion, and shall then put the Question thereon;
  2. (b) there shall not be made, except by a Member of the Government, any dilatory Motion or any Motion to postpone any Clause, Schedule, proposed Clause or proposed Schedule, and the Question on any such Motion shall be put forthwith.
  3. (3) On the conclusion of the Proceedings in the Standing Committee on the Bill the Chairman shall report the Bill to the House without putting any Question.

3.—(1) For the purpose of bringing to a conclusion any Proceedings in accordance with these recommendations which have not previously been brought to a conclusion, the Chairman shall forthwith proceed to put the following Questions (but no others), that is to say:—

  1. (a) the Question or Questions already proposed from the Chair, or necessary to bring to a decision a Question so proposed (including, in the case of a proposed Clause or proposed Schedule which has been read a second time, the Question that the Clause or Schedule be added to the Bill);
  2. (b) the Question on any Amendment or Motion standing on the Order Paper in the name of any Member, if that Amendment or Motion is moved by a Member of the Government;
  3. (c) any other Question necessary for the disposal of the business to be concluded, and on a Motion so moved for a new Clause or a new Schedule, the Chairman shall put only the Question that the Clause or Schedule be added to the Bill.

4. Nothing in these recommendations shall—

  1. (a) prevent any Proceedings in Standing Committee on the Bill from being taken or completed earlier than is required by the recommendations; or
  2. (b) prevent any Proceedings on the Bill from being proceeded with on any day after the completion of all such Proceedings on the Bill as are to be completed on that day.