HC Deb 20 November 1969 vol 791 cc1581-2

Ordered, That during the present Session, notwithstanding anything in paragraph (1) of Standing Order No. 80 (Estimates Committee), the Estimates Committee shall consist of Thirty-three Members:

Ordered, That Mr. Lewis Carter-Jones, Mr. Costain, Mr. Paul Dean, Mr. Peter Doig, Mr. James A. Dunn, Mr. John Ellis, Sir Eric Errington, Mr. Fred Evans, Mr. Ted Fletcher, Mr. Hugh Fraser, Sir Richard Glyn, Mr. R. Gresham-Cooke, Mr. Will Griffiths, Mr. Hall-Davis, Mr. William Hamilton, Mr. David Howell, Mr. W. Howie, Mr. Leslie Huckfield, Mr. Arthur Lewis, Mr. Macdonald, Mr. Neil Marten, Mr. Ray Mawby, Dr. Miller, Mr. Stratton Mills, Mr. William Molloy, Rear-Admiral Morgan-Giles, Mr. Eric Ogden, Mr. R. Bonner Pink, Mr. Roy Roebuck, Mrs. Renee Short, Sir Spencer Summers, Mr. Edwin Wainwright, and Mr. George Wallace be Members of the Committee:

Ordered, That every Sub-Committee appointed by the Committee have power to admit strangers during the examination of witnesses unless they otherwise order:

Ordered, That during the present Session the Committee have power to appoint persons with technical or scientific knowledge for the purpose of particular inquiries, either to supply information which is not readily available or to elucidate matters of complexity within the Committee's order of reference. —[Mr. McBride.]