HC Deb 24 June 1969 vol 785 cc1193-5
3. Mr. Lubbock

asked the Minister of Housing and Local Government what new

Act New powers and duties Local authorities affected Estimated expenditure in 1969–70
Agriculture (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1968. Duty to pay for disturbance on compulsory acquisition of agricultural holding. Any authority purchasing compulsorily an agricultural holding. No estimate is possible, as it is not known how many authorities will make such purchases.

duties were placed on local authorities by legislation passed in the Parliamentary Session 1967–68; and if he will circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT a table showing the estimated expenditure by local authorities in the year 1969–70 under each of these headings.

The Joint Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (Mr. Arthur Skeffington)

The information derives from 13 Acts, and, as it is lengthy, I will, with permission, circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT the reply to both parts of the Question.

Mr. Lubbock

That will make interesting reading. Would the hon. Gentleman at least give me the grand total of expenditure by local authorities in the current financial year as a result of this legislation?

Mr. Skeffington

That must be a somewhat detailed and elaborate calculation but, as the hon. Gentleman has specifically asked for the figure, I will get it for him, although I cannot give it to him now.

Mr. Marks

Along with that information, will my hon. Friend publish the details of the grant increases made in the form of support grants to local authorities in the same year?

Mr. Skeffington

I will see that that information is conveyed at the same time. One of the great benefits which this Administration have been able to afford to local authorities is the maintenance of the amount of the central contribution for all this additional expenditure.

Mr. Graham Page

Will there be an interim Order to meet this contribution from the Exchequer towards this expenditure, or will it be left to the ratepayers?

Mr. Skeffington

If the Government consider the former to be desirable, it will be done.

Following is the information:

Act New powers and duties Local authorities affected Estimated expenditure in 1969–70
Caravan Sites Act 1968. Duty to provide residential caravan sites for gipsies and control unlawful camping etc. County councils, county borough and London borough councils.
(Part II of the Act is not yet in operation.)
Civil Aviation Act 1968. Various new powers. The main provisions are: power in relation to control of road traffic at designated local authority aerodromes; power to make bye-laws for local authority aerodromes; power to provide facilities for civil aviation at aerodromes provided by others; power for rural district councils to provide aerodromes; duty to provide (at aerodromes designated by the Board of Trade for the purpose) adequate facilities for consultation; power to detain, and subject to the leave of the court, to sell aircraft for non-payment of airport charges (this power does not come into force until the Board of Trade make an Order). All main authorities* are given the powers if they wish to use them. Not possible to estimate, as it is not known what use authorities will make of these permissive powers.
Clean Air Act 1968 Power to control the heights of furnace chimneys under a self-contained and separate code of control and to prosecute for the acquisition or sale of smoke-producing coal for delivery to premises in a smoke control area. Other matters not yet brought into operation include power to prosecute for the emission of dark smoke, other than from a chimney from industrial or trade premises: and the duty to require the fitting of grit and dust arrestment plant in respect of a wider range of furnaces than those covered by the Clean Air Act 1956 and to grant exemptions. All main authorities* except county councils. No significant expenditure
Countryside Act 1968. Extensive, some being discretionary. They include creation of country parks picnic and camping places. County and district councils. Based on estimates of Exchequer grant for 1969–70, about £100,000.
Education Act 1968 Various amendments to the duties of local education authorities in the approval of changes in the character and size of existing schools and the establishment of new schools. Local education authorities. Negligible.
Education (No. 2) Act 1968. Duty to make instruments and articles of government in respect of colleges of education etc. and special schools managed by them. Local education authorities. Negligible.
Gaming Act 1968 Certain consequential duties in relation to new licensing system for gaming and bingo clubs. County borough and London borough councils, county district councils, county councils (where fire authority). No estimate is possible. Expenditure is dependent in part on number of applications received.