HC Deb 28 January 1969 vol 776 c1213

Queen's Recommendation having been signified

Resolved, That, for the purposes of any Act of the present Session to provide for increases or supplements in respect of certain pensions, it is expedient to authorise the payment out of moneys provided by Parliament of any expenditure incurred by a government department attributable to any provision of that Act—

  1. (a) providing for the increase of the pensions specified in Schedule 1 to the Pensions (Increase) Act, 1965 and also certain other pensions ('pension', for this purpose, having the same meaning as in that Act), not being an increase determined by reference to the duration, description or emoluments of any service (whether the pensioner's own or that of other persons) or to the amount of any pension other than the pensioner's own, or to circumstances not obtaining in his case;
  2. (b) amending any provision of a former Pensions (Increase) Act so as to extend the benefit of it to a pension not specified therein, or to remove a condition of entitlement to that benefit;
  3. (c) corresponding to. or extending in relation to any pension increase provided by the said Act of the present Session, any of the provisions of sections 3 to 6 of the Pensions (Increase) Act, 1959, section 3 of the Pensions (Increase) Act, 1962 and sections 2 and 3 of the Pensions (Increase) Act, 1965,
and any increase attributable to any such provision as aforesaid of the said Act of the present Session in the sums payable out of moneys provided by Parliament under any other enactment.—[Mr. Ernest G. Perry.]