HC Deb 25 July 1968 vol 769 cc1134-6

Lords Amendments considered.

10.35 p.m.

Mr. R. T. Paget (Northampton)

It may be for the convenience of the House if all the Lords Amendments are taken together.

In which case, I would move, That this House doth agree with the Lords in the said Amendments.

Mr. Speaker

The hon. and learned Member should move the first, and then they can all be taken together, unless I hear any objection to that.

Mr. Arthur Blenkinsop (South Shields)

On a point of order, Mr. Speaker. I understand that an earlier Motion on the Paper, the Ministry of Transport Highways Compulsory Purchase Order (No. 66) (London-Penzance Trunk Road, Plympton By-Pass) 1968, was not moved.

Mr. Speaker

The hon. Member is making a plain statement of what is a fact. It was not moved.

Mr. Peter Walker (Worcester)

On a point of order. There seems to be some confusion about the withdrawal of that Order. May I ask your guidance, Mr. Speaker?

Mr. Speaker

Order. I would not prevent any hon. Member from raising a point of order, but let it be at an appropriate moment. We are now in the very difficult and complex process of deciding upon some Lords Amendments to the Friendly and Industrial and Provident Societies Bill. I think we might get them out of the way first.

Question, That this House doth agree with the Lords in the said Amendment,put and agreed to.

Remaining Lords Amendments agreed to.

Mr. Speaker

Mr. Walker.

Mr. Peter Walker

May I seek your guidance, Mr. Speaker? Would it be possible for that Ministry of Transport Motion to be moved by the Government? There seems to some confusion as to when it is to be moved.

Mr. Speaker

There is that Motion on the Order Paper. The Members in whose names it appears said they would not move it, and that is the end of that tonight. We may take it some other day—perhaps during the Recess?—but at some other time.

Mr. Peter Emery (Honiton)

Further to that point of order. I ask for your guidance, Mr. Speaker. When the Government have on the Paper a Motion to which many people affected by it pay a considerable amount of attention, hon. Members and people in their constituencies, is it not normal for the Government to give notice if they will not move it or are considering withdrawing it? Is there any way in which we can be assured that this sort of embarrassment to Members will not happen again?

Mr. Speaker

The hon. Member is an old and experienced Parliamentarian. He will know that it is not unknown in the history of Parliament for a Motion on the Paper not to be moved. This has happened tonight. This is not unique.

Mr. Michael Heseltine (Tavistock)

Further to that point of order, Mr. Speaker. Item No. 4 on the Order Paper concerns matters of the gravest impor- tance to my constituents. Is there any way whereby, before the House goes into recess, we can discuss the contents of the Order? I was not given an opportunity to discuss it with the Minister before the decision was taken to withdraw the Motion, although I was fully aware of the discussions which led to the Order being laid.

Mr. Speaker

I am not the Leader of the House, as the hon. Gentleman knows. Tomorrow we are on the Adjournment and I have selected the topics which will be discussed. I do not think that they include the Order which has not been moved. The hon. Gentleman must take the matter up with the Minister concerned. It has nothing to do with Mr. Speaker.