HC Deb 25 January 1968 vol 757 cc582-3
Q5. Mr. Wall

asked the Prime Minister if he will make a further statement on the progress of negotiations for Great Britain to join the Common Market.

Q3. Mr. Hamling

asked the Prime Minister whether, in the light of the support of the Assembly of Western European Union for Great Britain's application to join the European Economic Community, he will make a further statement on this application.

The Prime Minister

Her Majesty's Government welcome the recommendation adopted by the Assembly of the Western European Union. It provides further proof of the extent of the support in Europe for our application. In the Foreign Affairs debate yesterday, my right hon. Friend the Foreign Secretary described the action we are now taking, and I have nothing to add to what he said.

Mr. Wall

Can the Prime Minister confirm that his Government are making every effort to seek our entry to the Six? If so, will he say why Lord Chalfont is giving up his permanent residence in Brussels? Will not this convey some impression as to our determination?

The Prime Minister

No. All the members of the Six are fully aware of our position in this respect, and it was repeated as recently as yesterday by my right hon. Friend the Foreign Secretary. The question of accommodation in Brussels was related to the hopes and the Commission's recommendation about negotiations starting right away. Since they clearly will not do so, it is not inappropriate to react in this way.

Sir Harmar Nicholls

Is the Prime Minister aware that his right hon. Friend yesterday seemed to be tying far too big a proportion of our defence to the tenuous hope that we may at some time get into Europe, and the uncertainty of this makes it unsatisfying to those people who have not his faith?

The Prime Minister

That is not at all the way in which I read the speech of my right hon. Friend.