HC Deb 09 February 1968 vol 758 c809

Bill to increase contributions payable under the National Insurance Act 1965 and the National Health Service Contributions Act 1965, and to strengthen the provisions of the former Act as to enforcement; to restrict the enactments providing for the supply of milk to schoolchildren; to provide compensation for civil defence employees in connection with the reduction of activities under section 2 of the Civil Defence Act 1948; to provide for increasing for abolishing in the interests of economy, certain fees and other payments; and to amend section 3 of the Local Employment Act 1960 as regards consultation with the advisory committee; and for purposes connected therewith, presented by the Chancellor of the Exchequer; supported by Mr. James Callaghan, Mr. William Ross, Mr. Secretary Gordon Walker, Mr. Kenneth Robinson, Mrs. Judith Hart, and Mr. George Darling; read the First time; to be read a Second time upon Monday next and to be printed. [Bill 83.]