HC Deb 24 October 1967 vol 751 cc1633-4

Standing Order No. 2 (Exempted business)

Line 10, leave out 'originating in Committee of Ways and Means' and insert 'brought in upon a Ways and Means resolution'.

Line 14, leave out sub-paragraph (b).

Standing Order No. 17 (Appointment of Supply and Ways and Means)

Line 7, leave out paragraph (2) and insert— '(2) A Ways and Means motion may be made in the House without notice on any day, so soon as an address has been agreed to in answer to Her Majesty's Speech'.

Standing Order No. 53 (Amendments on report).

Line 4, at end add 'unless it has been authorised by a resolution of the House'.

Standing Order No. 83 (Certain proceedings relating to public money).

Line 1, leave out paragraph (1).

Standing Order No. 84 (Procedure upon bills whose main object is to create a charge upon the public revenue).

Leave out line 2 and insert 'to be brought in upon a Ways and Means resolution'.

Standing Order No. 90 (Ways and Means motion and resolution).

Leave out Standing Order and insert new Standing Order (Ways and Means motions) as follows: '(1) A Minister of the Crown may without notice make a motion for giving provisional statutory effect to any proposals in pursuance of section 42 (Collection of taxes before passing of Ways and Means resolutions) of the Finance Act 1967; and the question on such a motion shall be put forthwith. (2) When the question has been decided on the first of several motions upon which a bill is to be brought in for imposing, renewing, varying or repealing any charge upon the people, the question on each such further motion shall be put forthwith'.—[Mr. Gourlay.]