HC Deb 12 June 1967 vol 748 cc1-2

Considered in Committee.

[Sir ERIC FLETCHER in the Chair]

10.4 a.m.

Mr. David Webster (Weston-super-Mare)

On a point of order, Sir Eric. Would you be good enough to indicate which Amendments you have selected and also whether you have selected the new Clause dealing with regulations?

The Chairman

I have selected Amendment No. 1 and Amendment No. 2 which is consequential upon it. The new Clause is out of order.

Mr. Webster

While, of course, I accept your Ruling, Sir Eric, I understand there is a feeling that the new Clause would be within the intentions of the Bill. It refers to skips for the use of demolition material which are part of a vehicle and are left lying without lighting in the road. I had the feeling that this would be within the intention of the Bill.

The Chairman

The fact remains that the new Clause as drafted refers to objects which are not vehicles, and therefore it is outside the scope of the Bill. I am afraid, therefore, that it cannot be called. Mr. Mawby.

Mr. Ray Mawby (Totnes)

I apologise in advance for anything I may say as a result of the Monday morning feeling. Having to catch a night train to get here is not the best way to start the week. I beg to move,—

The Chairman

Order. I apologise. Before I call the hon. Gentleman for Totnes (Mr. Mawby) to move Amendment No. 1 we must deal with Clause 1.