HC Deb 08 March 1966 vol 725 cc1888-9
13. Mr. Dempsey

asked the Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations if he is aware of the difficulties caused to British emigrants to Australia due to the incomplete data presented in the United Kingdom by the Australian authorities; and if he will make representations to the Government of Australia to revise their arrangements for providing information to emigrants with a view to avoiding misunderstandings.

Mr. Cledwyn Hughes

I am satisfied and the Australian authorities do everything possible to inform prospective emigrants about conditions in Australia. They are provided with a very wide and detailed range of pamphlets covering various aspects of life in Australia. This information is supplemented by personal explanation at the interviews all applicants for assisted passages and their families have with Australian selection officers, when the intending emigrants can also seek any further information they require.

Mr. Dempsey

Is my hon. Friend aware that, judging from a number of letters I have received, there is an allegation that the houses and jobs promised do not exist and that there is an obvious misunderstanding on someone's part? Would he clear up this matter as soon as possible so that future emigrants will be aware of the conditions they must accept if they are to emigrate to Australia?

Mr. Hughes

I am aware of my hon. Friend's concern about this matter, and if he will be good enough to give me details of any cases in which British emigrants claim that they have got into difficulty as a result of a lack of information, I will examine them and, if necessary, discuss them with the Australian authorities.

1966 1955
Wholesale Price Tax Total Price Wholesale Price Tax Total Price
DERV fuel 16.750 39.0 55.750 13.750 30.0 43.750
Gas oil 15.875 2.0 17.875 13.375 13.375
Marine diesel oil 15.625 2.0 17.625 12.625 12.625


  1. (i) The schedule price for Orkney and Shetland is 1.75d. a gallon more than the Inner Zone Price.
  2. (ii) These prices are for delivery in bulk in minimum 500 gallon loads. The present prices for oils delivered in barrels is 6d. a gallon extra.