HC Deb 08 July 1966 vol 731 cc837-8
Mr. Speaker

I have a brief statement to make.

On 25th April I told the House that I had accepted the Prime Minister's invitation to reconstitute the Conference on Electoral Law, which met on a number of occasions during the course of the last Parliament but was unable to complete its consideration of the matters referred to it.

I am now able to announce to the House the names of the right hon. and hon. Members who have been good enough to accept my invitation to serve on the Conference.

They are the Members for the following constituencies: Stoke-on-Trent, South (Mr. Ashley), Faversham (Mr. Boston), Newcastle-upon-Tyne, West (Mr. Bob Brown), Birmingham, Northfield (Mr. Chapman), Londonderry (Mr. Chichester-Clark), Exeter (Mrs. Gwyneth Dun-woody), Hereford (Mr. Gibson-Watt), Ormskirk (Sir D. Glover), Dorset, North (Sir Richard Glyn), Birmingham, Selly Oak (Mr. Gurden), Renfrew, East (Miss Harvie Anderson), Eye (Sir H. Harrison), Holborn and St. Pancras, South (Mrs. Lena Jeger), Lewisham, South (Mr. Carol Johnson), Wrexham (Mr. J. Idwal Jones), Leeds, North-West (Sir D. Kaberry), Orpington (Mr. Lubbock), Rutherglen (Mr. Gregor Mackenzie), Penistone (Mr. Mendelson), Woking (Mr. Onslow), Dagenham (Mr. Parker), Petersfield (Miss Quennell), Cardiff, North (Mr. E. Rowlands), Huntingdonshire (Sir D. Renton), Dulwich (Mr. S. C. Silkin), Vauxhall (Mr. Strauss), Hammersmith, North (Mr. Tomney), Thirsk and Malton (Mr. Turton), and Norwich, North (Mr. Wallace).

As the summer is already very advanced, I am asking the Conference to hold its first meeting next Thursday, 14th July, at 4.30, to consider its course of proceeding. I have appointed as Joint Secretaries to the Conference Mr. S. C. Hawtrey, of the Journal Office, and Mr. K. Eddy, of the Home Office, to whom all communications respecting the Conference should be addressed.