HC Deb 14 December 1966 vol 738 cc605-11

Motion made, and Question put:— That on Wednesday 1st February and for the remainder of the present Session, the Standing Orders and practice of this House shall have effect subject to the following variations:

A. On Mondays and Wednesdays: (1) The House shall meet at Ten of the clock in the morning and, after Prayers, proceed with the following business;

  1. (a) Statements by Ministers;
  2. (b) Motions for leave to bring in Bills made in pursuance of Standing Order No. 13 (Motions for leave to bring in bills and nomination of select committees at commencement of public business);
  3. (c) proceedings in pursuance of any Act of Parliament;
  4. (d) proceedings on or in relation to public hills;
and the House shall not be counted by Mr. Speaker or if the House be in Committee, the Committee shall not be counted by the Chairman at any time when business in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph and paragraph (3) of Part A of this Order is under consideration.

(2) At half-past Twelve of the clock in the afternoon, if the business set down for consideration has not previously been concluded. the proceedings on any business then under consideration shall be interrupted, and except as provided in paragraph (4) of Part A of this Order, the provisions of paragraph (3) of Stand-

*Note: For Schedule, see cols. 471–474.

ing Order No. 1 (Sittings of the House) shall apply to that interruption of business.

(3) Immediately after the conclusion of the business set down or its interruption a motion may be made. 'That this House do now adjourn', and at the conclusion of the debate on that motion, and in no case later than One of the clock, Mr. Speaker shall suspend the sitting without putting any question, until half-past Two of the clock, when the House shall proceed with business as provided in paragraph (1) of Standing Order No. 1 (Sittings of the House) as if the House had met at that hour.

(4) When Mr. Speaker or the Chairman puts any question in the course of proceedings under paragraphs (1), (2) and (3) of Part A of this Order, if his opinion as to the decision of the question is challenged, then notwithstanding anything in paragraph (1) of Standing Order No. 34 (Divisions) he shall not direct that the lobby be cleared, but either Mr. Speaker shall instead declare that the proceedings stand deferred, or, if the House be in Committee, the Chairman shall leave the Chair and report Progress and ask leave to sit again and, after taking the Chair, Mr. Speaker shall likewise declare the proceedings deferred; notwithstanding anything in Standing Order No. 15 (Order of disposing of orders of the day) any proceedings so deferred shall be resumed when a Member of the Government shall have signified to the Chair his intention to move, that this house do now adjourn, for the purpose of bringing the day's Sitting to a conclusion; whereupon Mr. Speaker shall forthwith put successively the questions upon which his opinion was originally challenged and any other questions consequent thereon, and, if the proceedings deferred arose when the House was in Committee, the House shall forthwith again resolve itself into the Committee and the Chairman shall forthwith put the question upon which his opinion was challenged and any other questions consequent thereupon, and thereafter shall forwith report progress and ask leave to sit again:

Provided that when Mr. Speaker has so put each question or series of questions any further proceedings on the business shall be deferred to such day, being a day on which the House ordinarily sits, as the Member in charge of that business may appoint.

(5) An order of the day set down for consideration on a Monday or Wednesday morning and not disposed of before the interruption of business at half-past Twelve of the clock in the afternooon of the day concerned, shall, unless proceedings thereon are deferred in accordance with paragraph (4) of Part A of this Order, be deferred or shall stand over as the case may be as if it were an order referred to in paragraph (4) of Standing Order No. 1 (Sittings of the House).

(6) If the House, having met on a previous day, shall have continued to sit until after Ten of the clock in the morning of any Wednesday, but shall have adjourned before half-past Two of the clock, then the House shall meet at half-past Two of the clock on that day.

(7) Standing Order No. 13 (Motions for leave to bring in Bills and nomination of Select Committees at commencement of Public Business) shall apply, in so far as Motions for leave to bring in Bills are concerned, as is provided in paragraph (1) of Part A of this Order, and not at the time specified in that Standing Order.

(8) When Business as defined in paragraph (4) of Standing Order No. 100 (Statutory Instruments, &c. (Procedure), is proceeded with in accordance with provisions under this Order, that Standing Order shall apply with the substitution of Twelve noon for Eleven o'clock, and of half-past Twelve o'clock in the afternoon for half-past Eleven o'clock, provided that any debate adjourned shall stand adjourned till

the next Sitting for which the House meets in accordance with the provisions of this Order.

(9) Paragraph (2) of Standing Order No. 1 (Sittings of the House) shall have effect with the substitution of the words 'half-past nine' for the word 'ten' in line 8.

B. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, paragraph (6) of Standing Order No. 1 (Sittings of the House) shall apply with the omission of the words ' after the expiration of half an hour after that motion has been made, adjourn the House without putting any question', and the substitution of the words 'put the question thereupon forthwith', instead thereof.—[Mr. Crossman.]

The House divided: Ayes 264, Noes 177.

Division No. 228.] AYES [10.2 p.m.
Abse, Leo Eadle, Alex Janner, Sir Barnett
Albu, Austen Edwards, Rt. Hn. Ness (Caerphilly) Jay, Rt. Hn. Douglas
Allaun, Frank (Salford, E.) Edwards, William (Merioneth) Johnson, Carol (Lewisham, s.)
Alldritt, Walter Ellis, John Johnson, James (K'ston-on-Hull, W.)
Allen, Scholefield Ennals, David Jones, Dan (Burnley)
Anderson, Donald Ensor, David Jones, Rt. Hn. Sir Elwyn (W. Ham, S.)
Armstrong, Ernest Evans, Albert (Islington, S. W.) Jones, J. Idwal (Wrexham)
Ashley, Jack Faulds, Andrew Kelley, Richard
Atkins, Ronald (Preston, N.) Fernyhough, E. Kerr, Dr. David (W'worth, Central)
Atkinson, Norman (Tottenham) Finch, Harold Lawson, George
Bacon, Rt. Hn. Alice Fletcher, Raymond (Ilkeston) Leadbitter, Ted
Bence, Cyril Fletcher, Ted (Darlington) Lee, Rt. Hn. Frederick (Newton)
Benn, Rt. Hn. Anthony Wedgwood Foot, Michael (Ebbw Vale) Lee, Rt. Hn. Jennie (Cannock)
Binns, John Forrester, John Lee, John (Reading)
Bishop, E. S. Fowler, Gerry Lestor, Miss Joan
Blenkinsop, Arthur Fraser, John (Norwood) Lever, Harold (Cheetham)
Bottomley, Rt. Hn. Arthur Fraser, Rt. Hn. Tom (Hamilton) Lewis, Ron (Carlisle)
Bowden, Rt. Hn. Herbert Freeson, Reginald Lipton, Marcus
Boyden, James Galpern, Sir Myer Lomas, Kenneth
Braddock, Mrs. E. M. Gardner, Tony Loughlin, Charles
Bradley, Tom Garrett, W. E. Mabon, Dr. J. Dickson
Bray, Dr. Jeremy Ginsburg, David McBride, Neil
Brooks, Edwin Gourlay, Harry McCann, John
Broughton, Dr. A. D. D. Gray, Dr. Hugh (Yarmouth) MacColl, James
Brown, Hugh D. (G'gow, Provan) Greenwood, Rt. Hn. Anthony McGuire, Michael
Brown, Bob (N'c'tle-upon-Tyne, W.) Gregory, Arnold McKay, Mrs. Margaret
Buchan, Norman Grey, Charles (Durham) Mackenzie, Gregor (Rutherglen)
Buchanan, Richard (G'gow, Sp'burn) Griffiths, David (Rother Valley) Mackie, John
Butler, Herbert (Hackney, C.) Griffiths, Rt. Hn. James (Llanelly) Mackintosh, John P.
Butler, Mrs. Joyce (Wood Green) Griffiths, Will (Exchange) Maclennan, Robert
Carmichael, Neil Gunter, Rt. Hn. R. J. McMillan, Tom (Glasgow, C.)
Carter-Jones, Lewis Hale, Leslie (Oldham, W.) MacPherson, Malcolm
Castle, Rt. Hn. Barbara Hamilton, James (Bothwell) Mallalieu, E. L. (Brigg)
Chapman, Donald Hamilton, William (Fife, W.) Mallalieu, J. P. W.(Huddersfield, E.)
Coe, Denis Hamling, William Manuel, Archie
Coleman, Donald Harrison, Walter (Wakefield) Mapp, Charles
Concannon, J. D. Hart, Mrs. Judith Marquand, David
Conlan, Bernard Haseldine, Norman Marsh, Rt. Hn. Richard
Craddock, George (Bradford, S.) Hattersley, Roy Mason, Roy
Crawshaw, Richard Hazell, Bert Maxwell, Robert
Crosland, Rt. Hn. Anthony Henig, Stanley Mellish, Robert
Crossman, Rt. Hn. Richard Heseldine, Michael Mendelson, J. J.
Cullen, Mrs. Alice Hilton, W. S. Mikardo, Ian
Dalyell, Tam Hobden, Dennis (Brighton, K'town) Millan, Bruce
Darling, Rt. Hn. George Hooley, Frank Miller, Dr. M. S.
Davidson, Arthur (Accrington) Horner, John Milne, Edward (Blyth)
Davies, Dr. Ernest (Stretford) Houghton, Rt. Hn. Douglas Mitchell, R. C. (S'th'pton, Test)
Davies, G. Elfed (Rhondda, E.) Howarth, Harry (Wellingborough) Morgan, Elystan (Cardiganshire)
Davies, Ednyfed Hudson (Conway) Howarth, Robert (Bolton, E.) Morris, Alfred (Wythenshawe)
Davies, Robert (Cambridge) Howell, David (Guildford) Morris, Charles R. (Openshaw)
Delargy, Hugh Howell, Denis (Small Heath) Morris, John (Aberavon)
Dell, Edmund Howie, W. Moyle, Roland
Dempsey, James Hoy, James Murray, Albert
Dewar, Donald Hughes, Rt. Hn. Cledwyn (Anglesey) Newens, Stan
Diamond, Rt. Hn. John Hughes, Emrys (Ayrshire, S.) Noel-Baker, Rt. Hn. Philip (Derby, S.)
Doig, Peter Hughes, Hector (Aberdeen, N.) Norwood, Christopher
Driberg, Tom Hughes, Roy (Newport) Nott, John
Dunnett, Jack Hunter, Adam Oakes, Gordon
Dunwoody, Mrs. Gwyneth (Exeter) Hynd, John Ogden, Eric
Dunwoody, Dr. John (F'th & C'b'e) Jackson, Colin (B'h'se & Spenb'gh) Oram, Albert E.
Orbach, Maurice Richard, Ivor Urwin, T. W.
Orme, Stanley Roberts, Goronwy (Caernarvon) Varley, Eric G.
Oswald, Thomas Roberts, Gwilym (Bedfordshire, S.) Walker, Harold (Doncaster)
Owen, Dr. David (Plymouth, S'tn) Robinson, Rt. Hn. Kenneth (St. P'c'as) Wallace, George
Owen, Will (Morpeth) Robinson, W. O. J. (Walth'stow, E.) Watkins, David (Consett)
Padley, Walter Rodgers, William (Stockton) Watkins, Tudor (Brecon & Radnor)
Page, Derek (King's Lynn) Rogers, George (Kensington, N.) Whitaker, Ben
Paget, R. T. Rose, Paul White, Mrs. Eirene
Palmer, Arthur Ross, Rt. Hn. William Whitlock, William
Pannell, Rt. Hn. Charles Rowlands, E. (Cardiff, N.) Wigg, Rt. Hn. George
Pardoe, John Shaw, Arnold (Ilford, S.) Wilkins, W. A.
Park, Trevor Sheldon, Robert Willey, Rt. Hn. Frederick
Parker, John (Dagenham) Short, Rt. Hn. Edward (N'c'stle-u-Tyne) Williams, Alan (Swansea, W.)
Parkyn, Brian (Bedford) Short, Mrs. Renée (W'hampton, N. E.) Williams, Alan Lee (Hornchurch)
Pavitt, Laurence Silkin, Rt. Hn. John (Deptford) Williams, Clifford (Abertillery)
Pearson, Arthur (Pontypridd) Silkin, Hn. S. C. (Dulwich) Williams, Mrs. Shirley (Hitchin)
Peart, Rt. Hn. Fred Silverman, Julius (Aston) Williams, W. T. (Warrington)
Pentland, Norman Silverman, Sydney (Nelson) Willis, George (Edinburgh, E.)
Perry, Ernest G. (Battersea, S.) Skeffington, Arthur Wilson, Rt. Hn. Harold (Huyton)
Perry, George H. (Nottingham, S.) Slater, Joseph Wilson, William (Coventry, S.)
Prentice, Rt. Hn. R. E. Small, William Winnick, David
Price, Christopher (Perry Barr) Snow, Julian Woodburn, Rt. Hn. A.
Price, William (Rugby) Stewart, Rt. Hn. Michael Woof, Robert
Probert, Arthur Swingler, Stephen Wyatt, Woodrow
Randall, Harry Taverne, Dick Yates, Victor
Rankin, John Taylor, Edward M.(G'gow, Cathcart) Zilliacus, K.
Redhead, Edward Thomas, George (Cardiff, W.)
Rees, Merlyn Thornton, Ernest TELLERS FOR THE AYES:
Rhodes, Geoffrey Tinn, James Mr. Alan Fitch and Mr. Ioan L. Evans.
Alison, Michael (Barkston Ash) Gilmour, Ian (Norfolk, C.) Maclean, Sir Fitzroy
Astor, John Gilmour, Sir John (Fife, E.) Maddan, Martin
Atkins, Humphrey (M't'n & M'd'n) Glover, Sir Douglas Marten, Neil
Awdry, Daniel Glyn, Sir Richard Maude, Angus
Baker, W. H. K. Godber, Rt. Hn. J. B. Mawby, Ray
Barber, Rt. Hn. Anthony Goodhart, Philip Mills, Peter (Torrington)
Batsford, Brian Grant, Anthony Mills, Stratton (Belfast, N.)
Beamish, Col. Sir Tufton Gresham Cooke, R. Miscampbell, Norman
Bennett, Sir Frederic (Torquay) Grieve, Percy Mitchell, David (Basingstoke)
Bennett, Dr. Reginald (Gos. & Fhm) Grimond, Rt. Hn. J. Monro, Hector
Berry, Hn. Anthony Gurden, Harold More, Jasper
Biffen, John Han, John (Wycombe) Morrison, Charles (Devizes)
Biggs-Davison, John Hall-Davis, A. G. F. Mott-Radclyffe, Sir Charles
Black, Sir Cyril Hamilton, Michael (Salisbury) Munro-Lucas-Tooth, Sir Hugh
Blaker, Peter Harris, Frederic (Croydon, N. W.) Murton, Oscar
Bossom, Sir Clive Harris, Reader (Heston) Nabarro, Sir Gerald
Brinton, Sir Tatton Harrison, Brian (Maldon) Neave, Airey
Bromley-Davenport, Lt. -Col. Sir Walter Harrison, Col. Sir Harwood (Eye) Nicholls, Sir Harmar
Bruce-Gardyne, J. Harvey, Sir Arthur Vere Noble, Rt. Hn. Michael
Buchanan-Smith, Alick (Angus, N&M) Harvie Anderson, Miss Onslow, Cranley
Campbell, Gordon Hastings, Stephen Orr-Ewing, Sir Ian
Carlisle, Mark Hawkins, Paul Osborn, John (Hallam)
Carr, Rt. Hn. Robert Heath, Rt. Hn. Edward Page, Graham (Crosby)
Cary, Sir Robert Hiley, Joseph Page, John (Harrow, W.)
Chichester-Clark, R. Hill, J. E. B. Pearson, Sir Prank (Clitheroe)
Clegg, Walter Hobson, Rt. Hn. Sir John Percival, Ian
Cooke, Robert Hogg, Rt. Hn. Quintin Peyton, John
Cooper-Key, Sir Neill Hornby, Richard Pike, Miss Mervyn
Cordie, John Hunt, John Powell, Rt. Hn. J. Enoch
Corfield, F. V. Hutchison, Michael Clark Prior, J. M. L.
Costain, A. P. Iremonger, T. L. Pym, Francis
Craddock, Sir Beresford (Spelthorne) Jenkin, Patrick (Woodford) Ramsden, Rt. Hn. James
Crowder, F. P. Johnson Smith, G. (E. Grinstead) Rawlinson, Rt. Hn. Sir Peter
Currie, G. B. H. Johnston, Russell (Inverness) Renton, Rt. Hn. Sir David
Dalkeith, Earl of Jopling, Michael Ridley, Hn. Nicholas
Dance, James Joseph, Rt. Hn. Sir Keith Ridsdale, Julian
Davidson, James (Aberdeenshire, W.) Kershaw, Anthony Rippon, Rt. Hn. Geoffrey
Deedes, Rt. Hn. W. F. (Ashford) Kimball, Marcus Rodgers, Sir John (Sevenoaks)
Douglas-Home, Rt. Hn. Sir Alec King, Evelyn (Dorset, S.) Roots, William
Drayson, G. B. Kitson, Timothy Royle, Anthony
Eden, Sir John Knight, Mrs. Jill Russell, Sir Ronald
Elliot, Capt. Walter (Carshalton) Lancaster, Col. C. G. Sharples, Richard
Elliott, R. W.(N'c'tle-upon-Tyne, N.) Legge-Bourke, Sir Harry Shaw, Michael (Sc'b'gh & Whitby)
Errington, Sir Eric Lewis, Kenneth (Rutland) Sinclair, Sir George
Eyre, Reginald Lloyd, Rt. Hn. Geoffrey (Sut'nC'dfield) Smith, John
Farr, John Lloyd, Ian (P'tsm'th, Langstone) Stainton, Keith
Fisher, Nigel Lloyd, Rt. Hn. Selwyn (Wirral) Steel, David (Roxburgh)
Fletcher-Cooke, Charles Longden, Gilbert Stodart, Anthony
Fortescue, Tim Loveys, W. H. Summers, Sir Spencer
Foster, Sir John Lubbock, Eric Tapsell, Peter
Galbraith, Hn. T. G. MacArthur, Ian Taylor, Sir Charles (Eastbourne)
Gibson-Watt, David Mackenzie, Alasdair (Ross&Crom'ty) Teeling, Sir William
Temple, John M. Walker-Smith, Rt. Hn. Sir Derek Wolrige-Gordon, Patrick
Thatcher, Mrs. Margaret Walters, Dennis Wood, Rt. Hn. Richard
Thorpe, Jeremy Weatherill, Bernard Worsley, Marcus
Turton, Rt. Hn. R. H. Wells, John (Maidstone) Younger, Hn. George
van Straubenzee, W. R. Whitelaw, William
Vaughan-Morgan, Rt. Hn. Sir John Wills, Sir Gerald (Bridgwater) TELLERS FOR THE NOES:
Vickers, Dame Joan Wilson, Geoffrey (Truro) Mr. H. P. D. Channon and
Wainwright, Richard (Colne Valley) Winstanley, Dr. M. P. Mr. Victor Goodhew.
Walker, Peter (Worcester)