HC Deb 10 August 1966 vol 733 cc1713-5
The Lord President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons (Mr. Herbert Bowden)

It will be proposed tomorrow that subject to the completion of essential Parliamentary business the House should adjourn on Friday, 12th August, until Tuesday, 18th October.

As to tomorrow, the Government feel it right to make due allowance for debate on the Motion for the Summer Adjournment. On this account, the business tomorrow will now be:

Motion for the Summer Adjournment.

Lords Amendments to the Industrial Development Bill.

Motion on the Valuation (Scottish Gas Board) (Scotland) Order.

The business for the first week after the Summer Adjournment will be:

TUESDAY, 18TH OCTOBER—Second Reading of the Parliamentary Commissioner Bill.

WEDNESDAY, 19TH OCTOBER—Second Reading of the Industrial Reorganisation Corporation Bill.

THURSDAY, 20TH OCTOBER—The Local Government Bill.

Progress on the remaining stages.

FRIDAY, 21ST OCTOBER—Second Reading of the Films Bill.

Mr. Heath

Is the Leader of the House aware that he is undoubtedly right to abandon the Second Reading of the Industrial Reorganisation Corporation Bill before the Recess? Is he aware that there will no doubt be a considerable number of matters which hon. Members will wish to raise on the Motion for the Summer Adjournment? Is he also aware that this will give the Government an opportunity to make—indeed, we shall expect them to—a clear statement about the position over Gibraltar?

Mr. Bowden

The right hon. Gentleman will be aware that the debate on the Motion for the Summer Adjournment is very limited, but as far as possible, within the terms of order, in the reply to the debate points raised by the Opposition will be met.

The Industrial Reorganisation Corporation Bill is an extremely important Measure which the Government hoped to obtain—at least the Second Reading—before the Summer Adjournment, but nothing is lost, because we shall start the Committee stage as early as if Second Reading had been taken tomorrow.

Mr. Heath

On a point of order. May I ask your guidance, Mr. Speaker? In the debate on the Motion for the Summer Adjournment, will the House be governed by your Ruling of yesterday, allowing us to debate matters of substance, or by the ruling now laid down by the Leader of the House, that the Motion is purely technical?

Mr. Speaker

I think that at the moment the difference is a question of semantics. I shall rule on the debates tomorrow, but the Ruling is as I stated it yesterday.

Mr. Mendelson

While the Leader of the House will be replying to the debate on the Motion for the Adjournment for the Recess, may I ask whether he is aware that some of my hon. Friends may wish to raise the very urgent situation now developing in South-East Asia, where there is a further threat of the escalation of the war in Vietnam and the possible invasion of North Vietnam? Will he have a Foreign Office Minister by his side to reply to such points as those if they are raised?

Mr. Bowden

I will see to it that points raised during the debate are replied to.

Mr. Lubbock

Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that confidence in the £ will be greatly assisted by the omission from a business statement of any reference to the Iron and Steel Bill in the business set down for consideration by the House when we reassemble in the autumn? Will he see that this Measure is deferred indefinitely?

Mr. Bowden

It is the intention to start the Committee stage of the Iron and Steel Bill soon after we return from the Recess.

Mr. English

Would my right hon. Friend bear in mind the need for giving the earliest possible date after the Recess for a debate on the Report of the Select Committee on the broadcasting of the proceedings of this House? If it is not discussed soon by this House it will not be possible to carry out the recommendations in the subsequent year.

Mr. Bowden

I recognise the importance of an early debate, but the Report has only been available to hon. Members for exactly one and a half hours.

Dame Irene Ward

May I ask the Leader of the House if, tomorrow, he, or whoever is the appropriate Minister, will be able to tell the House what we are negotiating about Gibraltar?

Mr. Bowden

I can assure the hon. Lady that any points raised during the debate will be replied to.

Mr. Winnick

Is the Leader of the House aware that many people outside, especially in present circumstances, find that a Recess of over two months is much too long?

Mr. Speaker

Order. That is the kind of point which can be raised tomorrow.