HC Deb 17 May 1965 vol 712 cc998-9
43. Mr. Rankin

asked the hon. Member for Liverpool Exchange, as Chairman of the Kitchen Committee, how many measures are obtained from a five-gill bottle of gin in each of the various bars under the control of her Committee.

Mrs. Braddock

Thirty-two measures are obtained from the bottle of gin, which contains 26⅔ fluid ounces.

Mr. Rankin

I thank my hon. Friend for that reply, but is she aware that her figures show that, sold by the measure, a bottle of gin provides an income of £4? Is she further aware that that represents a profit of 51 per cent. on the retail price of the bottle, not on the cost price? Since other beverages, such as whisky, show a profit sold in the same way of 70 per cent., and sherry even more, does she not think that it would be worth her while looking closely into this system of pricing in the House, because it seems to violate the policy of the Government?

Mrs. Braddock

Being a complete tee-totaller, I know nothing whatever of the measures, the drinking, the costs, or anything else regarding spirits, but I will promise my hon. Friend to make all the inquiries I can from the experts in the House and let him know the answer.

Mr. Maxwell-Hyslop

Is the hon. Lady aware that milk, a teetotal commodity retailing at 9s. 4d. a gallon in the House, shows a mark-up of over 300 per cent. on what the farmer gets for it?

Mrs. Braddock

If the hon. Gentleman will put down a Question, I will get him the answer.

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