HC Deb 02 March 1965 vol 707 c1226

Not amended (in the Standing Committee), considered.

8.35 p.m.

Sir John Foster (Northwich)

On a point of order. Could you, Mr. Deputy-Speaker, advise those Members who have shares in the Burmah Oil Company whether it would be in order for them to vote in a Division? You will appreciate that the Bill effects a decision with which hon. Members are concerned.

Mr. Deputy-Speaker (Dr. Horace King)

The hon. and learned Gentleman, or any other Member, must raise that matter at the appropriate moment. The appropriate moment is immediately after a vote has been taken. If any Member wishes to raise the question whether the vote of an hon. Member should be disallowed, he must seek to do so immediately after the vote has been taken, and the Chair will then deal with the matter.

Sir Spencer Summers (Aylesbury)

Further to that point of order. Are we to understand from your Ruling, Mr. Deputy-Speaker, that we shall not know whether it is proper to go into the Lobby until after we have been into it?

Mr. Deputy-Speaker

The hon. Member must act on his own responsibility. It is not for the Chair to instruct hon. Members whether they should vote or not. The practice of the House is that the Chair can act in the way which I have indicated only if a vote has been cast which is objected to, and then a ruling will be given. I am advised that this is the traditional way in which this point has been dealt with.