HC Deb 28 June 1965 vol 715 cc257-8

1. Where the Board of Trade propose to lay before Parliament a draft of an order under section 3 of this Act containing, amending or revoking provisions made for any purpose mentioned in subsection (5) of that section, they shall cause notice of their intention to do so to be published in the London Gazette, the Edinburgh Gazette and the Belfast Gazette, and in two or more daily newspapers, not being local newspapers, and they shall not lay a draft of the order until the expiration of the period of forty-two days beginning with that on which the publication of the notice in accordance with this paragraph is completed.

2. A notice under the foregoing paragraph shall—

  1. (a) state that it is proposed to lay a draft of the order before Parliament;
  2. (b) indicate the nature of the provisions to be embodied in the order;
  3. (c) name a place where a copy of the draft may be seen at all reasonable times;
  4. (d) state that any person whose interests are likely to be affected by the order and is desirous of making representations in respect thereof should do so in writing (stating his interest and the grounds on which he wishes to make the representation), before the date of the expiration of the said period of forty-two days (specifying that date).

3. The Board shall consider any representation that is duly made with respect to the draft order and is not withdrawn, and, after the expiration of the said period of forty-two days, may lay the draft order in the form in which it was made available as stated in the notice in compliance with paragraph 2(c) above, or in that form subject to such modifications as appear necessary to the Board to ensure that the rights and interests of persons likely to be affected by the provisions of the order are so adjusted as to secure an equitable distribution of any burden or benefit ensuing from any provision of the order.—[Mr. Jay.]

Brought up, read the First and Second time, and added to the Bill.