HC Deb 07 July 1965 vol 715 c1593

Bill to make provision with respect to persons and local authorities who negotiate for or otherwise act in relation to the acquisition or disposal by others of estates, interests, or rights in or over land; and for purposes connected therewith, presented accordingly and read the First time; to be read a Second time upon Friday, 16th July, and to be printed. [Bill 184.]

"except that, in the case of licences taken out after the said 6th April and before 1st September 1965, for the reference in subsection (1) of this section to Parts II and III of that Schedule there shall be substituted a reference to those Parts as modified by Part VI of that Schedule.
5 (6) The holder of a licence current on 1st September 1965 on which duty was chargeable under the said Part II or III modified as aforesaid who makes application before the expiration of twelve months beginning with that date to the council with which the vehicle is for the time being registered shall be entitled to a refund of duty, in respect of any period after the end of August 1965 during which the licence has been or (on the assumption that it is not surrendered) will have been current, of an amount equal to one-twelfth for each complete month in the said period of the difference between—
(a) the annual rate of duty chargeable in respect of that vehicle under the said Part II or III modified as aforesaid, and
15 (b) the annual rate of duty appropriate to that vehicle under the said Part II or III without such modification.
20 (7) On the surrender after the end of August 1965 of any such licence as is mentioned in subsection (6) of this section, the rebate of duty payable under section 9 of the said Act of 1962 shall be computed as if the rate of duty on the licence had been the appropriate rate specified in the said Part II or III without such modification as is mentioned in that subsection.

Mr. Speaker, would it be convenient for the House to discuss this Amendment with the other ones dealing with the revisions of vehicle excise duty, namely, Amendments Nos. 2 to 6 inclusive, No. 9, and No. 117?

Mr. Speaker

Yes, if the House so pleases, and may I say that we ought to discuss with this Amendment the proposed Amendment in the name of the right hon. Member for Rushcliffe (Sir M. Redmayne), in line 9, leave out "end of August" and insert "6th April". I shall call that Amendment for a Division if required.

Mr. Edward Heath (Bexley)

That is quite agreeable to us, Mr. Speaker.

Mr. MacDermot

I am obliged to you, Mr. Speaker, and to the right hon. Member for Bexley (Mr. Heath).

This group of Amendments has been tabled to honour the undertaking which we gave during our debates in Committee to look again at the proposed increases in vehicle excise duty as they affected