HC Deb 26 January 1965 vol 705 cc689-90
The Lord President of the Council (Mr. Herbert Bowden)

The business for next week will be as follows:

MONDAY, 1ST FEBRUARY—Second Reading of the Control of Office and Industrial Development Bill, and of the Kenya Republic Bill.

TUESDAY, 2ND FEBRUARY—Remaining stages of the Consolidated Fund Bill which, if the House agrees, will be taken formally to allow debate on an Opposition Motion of Censure.

Motion on the Import Duties (Various Goods) Order.

WEDNESDAY, 3RD FEBRUARY—Second Reading of the War Damage Bill, and renaming stages of the Superannuation (Amendment) Bill.

THURSDAY, 4TH FEBRUARY—Second Reading of the Museum of London Bill [Lords].

Remaining stages of the Rivers (Prevention of Pollution) (Scotland) Bill.

Motion on the Sea Fisheries Order.

FRIDAY, 5TH FEBRUARY—Private Members' Motions.

MONDAY, 8TH FEBRUARY—The proposed business will be: Supply [5th Allotted Day]: Motion to move Mr. Speaker out of the Chair, when debate will arise on an Opposition Amendment on a subject to be announced.

Remaining stages of the Kenya Republic Bill.

Mr. William Hamilton

Does my right hon. Friend recognise that not everybody, certainly on this side of the House, agrees with the need to suspend business for the whole of this week? Will he give an undertaking to the House that he and the Government are considering ways and means of regaining the time which the House has lost?

Mr. Bowden

I should have thought that it would have been the wish of everyone in the House that the House should be suspended for this week. The contribution to this week is being made, in a sense, by the Government with three days' business, by the Opposition with one day's business today, and by back benchers through the loss of time on Friday and through Questions.

Mr. Shinwell

In which order will the Questions be taken which are deferred today and which were deferred yesterday?

Mr. Bowden

There are precedents for this. It has been found to be impossible so to adjust the roster as to start afresh and take this week's Questions next week. For that reason, the Questions this week are, in this sense, lost, unless hon. Members wish to put them down for another day.

Mr. Rankin

When may we expect the debate on aviatjon which was to have taken place today?

Mr. Bowden

It is not in the announcement for next week.