HC Deb 08 May 1964 vol 694 c1621

Amendments made: In page 3, line 26, leave out from "any" to "where" in line 28 and insert: such person as the following, namely, an officer of theirs, an officer of any other local authority, a veterinary surgeon and a veterinary practitioner, to inspect any such premises in their area as the following, that is to say,— (a) any premises".

In page 29, leave out "or".

In line 30, after "(b)", insert "any premises".

In line 32, leave out "or" and insert "and".

In line 33, after "(c)", insert "any premises".

In line 33, at end insert "under section 1 of this Act".

In line 38, at end insert: for the purpose (except in the case of any such premises as are mentioned in paragraph (a) above) of making a report to the local authority for the purposes of section 1(3) of this Act or for the purpose of ascertaining whether an offence has been or is being committed against this Act".

In line 39, leave out subsection (3).

In page 4, line 1, leave out from "authority" to "from" in line 2 and insert: shall not authorise a veterinary surgeon or veterinary practitioner to inspect any premises under this section except one chosen by them".

In line 7, leave out from "above" to "shall" in line 8.—[Sir J. Lucas.]