HC Deb 02 June 1964 vol 695 cc917-8
40. Mr. Parkin

asked the Attorney-General if he will instruct the Director of Public Prosecutions to initiate proceedings for fraud against Regent Lion Invesments Ltd. for causing, in co-operation with Grosvenor Estates, a lady to exchange her controlled tenancy for alternative accommodation by inducing her to sign a document represented to her as being a standard lease for her new accommodation, but which was a receipt for £100 for the surrender of her controlled tenancy.

The Attorney-General (Sir John Hobson)


Mr. Parkin

In view of the unchecked continuation of this kind of chicanery and in view of the fact that the measures introduced by the Government to cover such matters as plumbing do not cover the main menace of Rachmanism, which was intimidation, victimisation and swindling people out of their homes, will the right hon. and learned Gentleman give an undertaking that in this Session of Parliament, as part of the Government's modernisation plan, he will introduce new legislation to deal with landlord and tenant relationships to cover this kind of trickery by which people are still losing their homes?

The Attorney-General

I can find not the slightest evidence in this case that there was either any trickery or any swindling, and in the evidence which the hon. Member submitted to me there seems to be nothing to indicate that Mrs. Knight was induced to leave her fiat or to give up her controlled tenacy or to sign a receipt by reason of misrepresentation or any fraudulent or criminal activity. She has expressed gratitude for all that hat, been done for her by those who arranged the new tenancy.