HC Deb 24 April 1964 vol 693 c1693

11.5 a.m.

Mr. F. M. Bennett (Torquay)

Mr. Speaker, I wonder whether I could seek your guidance. I apologise in advance for not having given you any warning beforehand that I would raise this matter, but until the event took place I had no opportunity to do so.

I want to ask you about a procedural matter arising from a question that I asked the Leader of the House yesterday. I then asked about the issue of a Writ for the outstanding by-election in the Scotland Division of Liverpool. After that I made various researches and found that for a borough the earliest possible date would have been Friday, today, and I came here this morning expecting that a Motion for the issue of a Writ would be moved. I could not approach you, Mr. Speaker, until I found that this, apparently, was not the case.

I should, therefore, like your guidance on whether I was right in thinking that today would be an appropriate day for that to have been done and, if this is so, what would be the next day next week when, if nothing happens from other sources, some of my hon. Friends and I might consider how to apply the necessary stimulant ourselves.

Mr. Speaker

It is fortunate for the hon. Member that he did not have an opportunity to consult me, or else I should have warned him that his activities might be thought to be an abuse of our proceedings.

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