HC Deb 14 April 1964 vol 693 cc241-2

I propose, also from the same date, to give some further assistance to industry in an experimental field concerned with the use of oils as fuel in industrial furnaces. Recent technical developments suggest that a certain light petroleum distillate, akin to motor spirit, could be used as a specialised industrial fuel in large furnaces such as those operated in steel works. To encourage the technical research necessary to explore the potentialities of this fuel, and to see whether it can contribute to the efficiency and modernisation of heavy industries, I propose that on light distillate used in this manner the duty should be reduced from 2s. 9d. per gallon to the level applying to fuel oils. The present rate of duty virtually inhibits the use of light distillate for this purpose and the reduction in duty can, therefore, be made at negligible cost to the Exchequer.