HC Deb 09 April 1964 vol 692 cc1210-3
Mr. H. Wilson

May I ask the Leader of the House whether he will state the business of the House for next week?

The Lord Privy Seal (Mr. Selwyn Lloyd)

Yes, Sir. The business for next week will be as follows:

MONDAY, 13TH APRIL.—Housing Bill.

Completion of the remaining stages, which it is hoped to obtain by seven o'clock.

Second Reading of the Drugs (Prevention of Misuse) Bill.

TUESDAY, 14TH APRIL.—As already announced, my right hon. Friend the Chancellor of the Exchequer will open his Budget.

WEDNESDAY, 15TH APRIL AND THURSDAY, 16TH APRIL.—The general debate on the Budget Resolutions and the Economic Situation will be continued and be brought to a conclusion on MONDAY, 20TH APRIL.

FRIDAY, 17TH APRIL.—Private Members' Motions.

Mr. Shinwell

Is the Leader of the House aware that yesterday, on the matter of the American Maritime Commission's intervention as between British shipowners and British shippers, the Minister of Transport informed the House that he would make a statement to the House on the subject?

May I ask the right hon. and learned Gentleman when his right hon. Friend will make such a statement and whether he is aware that, after his right hon. Friend yesterday announced that he would make a statement, I received, along with other hon. Members, a full statement on this matter?

Can the Leader of the House explain why his right hon. Friend, who appeared not to have the Answer to some Questions in his possession, merely said that he would make a statement on the assumption that it would be made during the course of next week or some other time in the future, whereas the Answer was conveyed to hon. Members about an hour later?

Mr. Lloyd

I was present in the House when the right hon. Gentleman questioned my right hon. Friend and the inference which I obtained from the interchange was that my right hon. Friend would like to make a fuller statement some time next week.

Mr. Shinwell

In view of the fact that in the statement which is in my possession it is stated that a Note has been sent to the United States Government, when will a fuller statement be made to the House?

Mr. Lloyd

Speaking from recollection, I think that the right hon. Gentleman has his tense wrong. I thought that my right hon. Friend's answer was that a Note would be—not had been—sent, but I may be wrong. My recollection was that my right hon. Friend was speaking of the future. I will certainly convey to my right hon. Friend the right hon. Gentleman's views. My right hon. Friend wishes, I think, to make the statement as soon as he can conveniently do so.

Mr. W. Yates

My right hon. and learned Friend will, no doubt, have noticed the report of the debate in the United Nations concerning the use of Royal Air Force aircraft in the Yemen without the authority of this House. In view of the fact that 12 Members of Parliament have visited south-west Arabia and that area, will my right hon. and learned Friend arrange for the House to have a debate so that the whole nation can understand what is going on?

Mr. Lloyd

Certainly, there will not be a debate on this matter next week.

Mr. Wade

Can the right hon. and learned Gentleman say when is it intended that the Committee stage of the Resale Prices Bill should be resumed?

Mr. Lloyd

Not next week, but early, at a convenient stage, thereafter.

Mr. Fernyhough

Is the right hon. and learned Gentleman aware that the electors of Devizes, Bury St. Edmunds and Rutherglen have been without representation in the House since January? Can he say whether, next week, it will be the intention of the Government to move to issue the Writs for these by-elections?

Mr. Lloyd

That is not a question which, by precedent, falls to the Leader of the House to answer on the business question.

Mr. Brockway

In view of the likelihood of this Session of Parliament lasting rather longer than many people anticipated and the absence of any constructive legislation to fill that time, will the right hon. and learned Gentleman now agree to give facilities for the Bill against racial discrimination and incitement, which has been introduced on nine occasions over nine years and on which the Government have never allowed facilities for discussion?

Mr. Lloyd

While certainly not accepting the hon. Gentleman's second premise, if he is right in his first premise there are obviously interesting possibilities open in the future.

Mr. Lipton

May we have an assurance from the Leader of the House that it is not the Government's intention to introduce amending legislation to prolong the life of this Parliament beyond next October?

Mr. Lloyd

I can give the hon. Gentleman a categorical assurance that such legislation will not be introduced next week.

Mr. A. Lewis

Reverting to the question raised by my hon. Friend the Member for Jarrow (Mr. Fernyhough), may I ask the Leader of the House to discuss with the Patronage Secretary a change in Monday's business to enable the Patronage Secretary to move the issue of the by-election Writs, as is his duty? Wilt the right hon. and learned Gentleman discuss this matter with his right hon. Friend and afford this opportunity?

Mr. Lloyd

Probably not.

Hon. Members

Why not?

Mr. Lewis

How long are the electors in these constituencies to be disfranchised?

Mr. Lloyd

That is not a question for me.