HC Deb 10 December 1963 vol 686 cc209-10
22. Mr. Sorensen

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies what territories for which he is responsible remain classified as Colonies and Protectorates, respectively; what is the population and area of each of these; and what gross amount of financial aid is being extended to them

Mr. Fisher

I will, with permission, circulate in the Official Report a list of the Colonies or Protectorates for which my right hon. Friend is responsible, together with details of their areas and populations.

The financial aid to these territories for the financial year 1962–63 was approximately £32,500.000, details of which were published on 4th December in Cmnd. 2147.

Mr. Sorensen

I thank the Undersecretary of State for that Answer. May I ask two questions? First, can he give some indication of the different kinds of Protectorate which are now within his responsibility? Secondly, in view of the very striking contrast between the area and population of the colonial empire 20 years ago and now, what steps has he taken to publicise this fact and the means by which this transformation is being more or less completed?

Mr. Fisher

On the hon. Gentleman's first supplementary question, the Protectorates vary very much. These are Bechuanaland, the British Solomon Islands, Northern Rhodesia, Nyasaland, Swaziland, the Protected States in South Arabia and part of The Gambia. I think that in this enterprise both parties have made a very great contribution. I should like to see more publicity given to the fact that we have decolonised to this extent. I hope that the hon. Gentleman's Question will give rise to some publicity on that count.

Following is the list:

Colonies Population (latest estimates) Area (sq. miles)
Antigua 54,304 171
Bahamas 111,109 4,404
Barbados 232,270 166
Basutoland 711,000 11,716
Bermuda 45,872 21
British Antarctic Territory. No permanent population Lies between 20 and 80 of west longitude and and south of 60th parallel of latitude
British Guiana 560,406 83,000
British Honduras 96,340 8,866
British Virgin Is. 7,700 59
Cayman Is. 7,622 100
Dominica 61,029 290
Falkland Is.* 2,172 4,618
Fiji 421,000 7,095
Gibraltar 24,151
Gilbert and E lice Is. 48,172 369
Grenada 90,080 133
Hong Kong 3,592,100 398
Malta, State of 328,141 122
Mauritius 699,900 808
Montserrat 12,831 33
Pitcairn Is. 127 2
St. Christopher-Nevis-Angulla. 56,591 138
St. Helena* 4,527 47
St. Lucia 86,108 238
St. Vincent 82,456 150
Seychelles 43,748 156
Turks and Ca cos Is. 5,947 166
Bechuanaland 332,000† 222,000
British Solomon Is. 124,000 11,500
Northern Rhodesia 2,514,800 288,130
Nyasaland 2,900,000 45,747
Swaziland 280,3001‡ 6,705
Colony and Protectorate Aden and the Protectorate of South Arab a—
Aden 220,000 75
Protectorate 1,000,000 111,000
Gambia 315,999 4,003
*Excludes dependencies.
† Excludes nomad population.
‡ Includes absentee population.
NOTE: This list does not include Southern Rhodesia which has been a self-governing Colony since 1923, or Kenya and Zanzibar which become independent this week.
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