HC Deb 07 March 1962 vol 655 c420

4. The Standing Committee to which the Housing (Scotland) Bill is committed shall report the Bill to the House on or before the twenty-seventh day of March, nineteen hundred and sixty-two.

5. The Proceedings on Consideration and Third Reading of the Bill shall be completed in two allotted days, and shall be brought to a conclusion at Seven o'clock on the second of those allotted days and for the purpose of Standing Order No. 41 (Business Committee) this Order shall be taken to allot to the Proceedings on Consideration such portion of the time on those allotted days given to the Bill by this Order as the Resolution of the Business Committee may determine.

6. The Business Committee shall report to the House their recommendations as to the Proceedings on Consideration of the Bill, and as to the allocation of time between those Proceedings and Proceedings on Third Reading, not later than the fifth day on which the House sits after the day on which the Chairman of the Standing Committee reports the Bill to the House.

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