HC Deb 16 July 1962 vol 663 cc1-2
Miss Vickers

I beg to present a humble Petition on behalf of the two counties of Bugangazzi and Buyaga.

These counties were once part of the Kingdom of Bunyoro, until 1900, when they were taken over by the Government of Her Majesty Queen Victoria and placed under the control of the Govern- ment of Uganda. This was endorsed by the agreement of 1900. This Petition is called for because there was a report called the Molson Report, following a special Commission, which made specific recommendations which were acceptable to the Bunyoro, namely, that two of the so-called lost counties of Buyaga and Bugangazzi should be returned to Bunyoro.

Prior to the granting of independence on 8th July, 1962, the Molson Report was greeted with cheers, drumming and great feasting in the counties of Buyaga and Bugangazzi when it was published on 3rd May, 1962. This Petition is signed by 37 people from the two territories. This may not seem many, but when one realises the short time they had to prepare it and the distance they had to travel, I think it shows that they are very anxious about their present position.

The previous Secretary of State's announcement on 27th June, 1962, which is unacceptable to them, advises the Government of Uganda to hold a referendum in these counties, and this is what the Petition is against. The recommendation of the Petition is that the Molson Report be implemented before British protection is withdrawn from Uganda.

And your petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray, etc.

To lie upon the Table.

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