HC Deb 11 July 1962 vol 662 cc1473-4

Amendments made: In page 25, line 41, leave out "'section"' and insert "'applications'".

In line 43, leave out "subsections (1) and (2)" and insert "subsection (1)".

In line 50, after "apply", insert "also".—[Mr. Brooman-White.]

It being Ten o'clock, further consideration of the Bill, as amended, stood adjourned.

Proceedings on the Licensing (Scotland) Bill [Lords] exempted, at this day's Sitting, from the provisions of Standing Order No. 1 (Sittings of the House).—[Mr. Maclay.]

Bill, as amended (in the Standing Committee), further considered.

Further Amendments made:In line 49, leave out from "nor" to end of line 4 on page 28 and insert: where by virtue of subsection (2) of section three of the Licensing (Scotland) Act. 1962, a licensing court has inserted such conditions as are mentioned in that subsection in a hotel or a public house certificate held in respect of any premises, to the off-sale part (as defined in the said subsection (2)) of those premises.'

In page 28, line 11, leave out "section six" and insert: sections (Extension of permitted hours in the afternoon in certain licensed premises and clubs) and six".

In line 25, leave out from "or" to end of line 27 and insert: by a private friend of such a person who isbona fideentertained by, and at the expense of, that person, and if it is paid for with that person's accommodation".

In line 43, at end insert: 26. In section one hundred and seventy-nine (which confers on the police certain powers of entry under warrant into registered clubs), in paragraph (b) of subsection (1), after the word "Act" there shall be inserted the words "or the Licensing (Scotland) Act, 1962".

—[Mr. Brooman-White.]

Mr. Deputy-Speaker

The next two Amendments in the name of the hon. Member for Kilmarnock (Mr. Ross) have been discussed, and are not selected, namely, in page 28, line 46, after "(1)", insert"(a)".

In page 28, line 48, at end, insert: (b) after the words off-sales certificate is force' there shall be inserted the words 'or the premises of a registered club' and at the end of the subsection there shall be added the following proviso: Provided that, in respect of registered clubs, a member of the police force below the rank of inspector shall not exercise any power of entry conferred by this section unless he has previously obtained the authority in writing of a justice of the peace, magistrate or member of a police force of or above the said rank and shall not exercise such power later than eight days from the date of such authority and shall exercise it at such time or times only as may be specified in the authority.

Mr. Ross

They certainly were discussed, Mr. Deputy-Speaker, but the suggestion that they are not selected rather goes against what Mr. Speaker said. He said that if I wanted, I could have a Division on them.

Mr. Deputy-Speaker

If Mr. Speaker said that, that is so. Does the hon. Member wish me to put the Question on his Amendment?

Mr. Ross

Yes. I beg to move, in page 28, line 46, after "(i)" to insert (a)

Question, That "(a)" be there inserted,put and negatived.

Mr. Deputy-Speaker

I do not propose to put the Question on the next Amendment.

Further Amendments made: In page 30, line 35, leave out from "or" to "with" in line 36 and insert by a private friend of such a person who isbona fideentertained by, and at the expense of, that person".

In page 30, line 36, leave out "with" and insert "an an ancilliary to".—[Mr. Brooman-White.]