HC Deb 17 April 1962 vol 658 c241

Report [16th April] of the Business Committee to be considered forthwith.—[Mr. Iain Macleod.]

Considered accordingly.

(a) The Proceedings on Consideration of the Transport Bill shall be divided into the parts specified in the second column of the Table set out below;
(b) the two days which under the Order [7th March] are given to the Proceedings on Consideration and Third Reading, and portions of those days, shall be allotted in the manner shown in that Table, and
(c) subject to the provisions of the Order [7th March], each part of the Proceedings shall, if not previously brought to a conclusion, be brought to a conclusion at the time specified in the third column of that Table.
Allotted day Proceedings Time for conclusion of proceedings
First day Recommittal and Report of Bill p.m. 6.0
New Clauses, Clauses 1 to 28 9.0
Clauses 29 to 54
Second day Clauses 29 to 54, so far as not already disposed of 4.30
Remaining Proceedings on Consideration 7.0
Third Reading 10.30