HC Deb 17 April 1962 vol 658 cc220-1
18. Sir B. Janner

asked the President of the Board of Trade if he will provide a list of the applications for antidumping duties which have been dealt with during the past two years, indicating which have been approved and which have been rejected; and whether, in the case of rejected applications, he will summarise the reasons why they were so rejected.

Sir K. Joseph

Eighteen applications for anti-dumping duties have been dealt with since April, 1960. With permission, I will circulate a list in the OFFICIAL REPORT containing the information requested by the hon. Member.

Sir B. Janner

Is the Minister aware that there is a considerable amount of dissatisfaction with regard to the rejected applications? Will the reply that he gives indicate clearly the grounds on which they were rejected?

Sir K. Joseph

The grounds were announced at the time. Of the eighteen

Commodity Result
Ammonium Sulphate (Federal Republic of Germany and Belgium). Voluntary action taken April, 1960
Sodium chlorate Duty imposed June, 1960
Beaver lambskins Voluntary action taken June, 1960
Ethanediol Rejected; no material injury August, 1960
Rice Starch Voluntary action taken September, 1960
Vinyl Acetate Monomer Withdrawn by the applicants December, 1960
Oyster Shell Grit Withdrawn by the applicants December, 1960
Eggs Rejected; no material injury April, 1961
Barley Voluntary action taken July, 1961
Corduroy Voluntary action taken July, 1961
Dodecyl Benzene Rejected; no dumping August, 1961
Nylon stockings Rejected; no dumping November, 1961
Butter Voluntary action taken* November, 1961
Dried Milk Rejected; no material injury December, 1961
Middle Bacon Rejected; no material injury March, 1962
Ammonium Sulphate (East Germany) Duty imposed March, 1962
Bacon Rejected; no material injury March, 1962
Cucumbers Rejected; no dumping April, 1962
* An anti-dumping duty was imposed on 29th November, 1961, on butter imported from one supplier country, the Republic of Ireland, and withdrawn on 28th February, 1962.
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