HC Deb 09 April 1962 vol 657 cc1013-4

Motion made, and Question. That charges of the following descriptions may be imposed in connection with provisions designed in general to afford relief from taxation, that is to say,—

  1. (a) any charge to income tax that may result if section twenty of the Finance Act, 1954 (which enables account to be taken of capital allowances on claims for loss relief), is amended so that the loss claimed for any year is related to the allowances for a later year, and in connection therewith loss claims for the year 1962–63 cannot be made by reference to the allowances for that year, or relief given is made recoverable if afterwards found not to be due;
  2. (b) any charge to income tax that may result from provisions for making effective or extending double taxation relief in relation to dividends and other payments by a company or body of persons;
  3. (c) any charge to estate duty that may result from increasing to £4,000 the value below which estates are not chargeable with duty;
  4. (d) any charge to estate duty that may result if further relief is given from double taxation in relation to estate duty and duty leviable under the law of any territory on or by reference to death, including a charge resulting from the withdrawal, in connection 1014 with that further relief, of any other relief from such double taxation;
  5. (e) any charge to stamp duty that may result if the ad valorem stamp duty chargeable on settlements as such is repealed or restricted, and in connection therewith certain settlements become or are made chargeable with duty under some other head.—[Mr. Lloyd.]

put and agreed to.