HC Deb 19 June 1961 vol 642 cc944-5
30. Mr. Prentice

asked the Lord Privy Seal whether Her Majesty's Government will make an additional payment into the United Nations fund for the Congo, and call on other nations to do likewise, In order to give adequate support to the recent financial agreement between the United Nations and the Central Government of the Congo.

Mr. Godber

Her Majesty's Government are glad to learn that a financial agreement has been concluded between the United Nations and the Congolese Government. However, the United Nations authorities have as yet made no appeal for additional payments to the United Nations Fund for the Congo. Her Majesty's Government have already paid 3 million dollars to the Fund and have promised another 2 million dollars providing other members of the United Nations also contribute their share.

Mr. Prentice

Would the Minister agree, on the one hand, that the agreement is very welcome because it involves closer working relationships between the central Government and the United Nations advisers and on the other hand it has involved substantial payment from a United Nations fund to the central Congo Government which have left that fund at a very low level? Would it not be a pity if future activities were hamstrung by lack of funds? Would the Minister keep an eye, in consultation with other Governments, on the question whether further payments can be made if they are considered necessary?

Mr. Godber

I entirely agree, and I am glad to think that things have developed in this way. It augurs more hope for the country than we dared to expect a few months ago. As to further funds being made available, I take notice of the point and I will certainly keep a close watch on it.

Mr. F. M. Bennett

Can my hon. Friend say whether any funds have been allocated by the Communist bloc countries for this purpose?

Mr. Godber

I am afraid that I have to give a very unfavourable answer. I regret that they have not been so forthcoming as we would wish in this respect.