HC Deb 30 March 1960 vol 620 cc1309-10
21. Mr. Parker

asked the Minister of Transport whether he will increase the number of enforcement officers to check up on the roadworthiness of lorries licensed in Dagenham and surrounding areas and the accuracy of log books submitted by their drivers.

Mr. Hay

The number of enforcement officers employed in the Metropolitan Traffic Area has recently been increased, and I have no reason to suppose that the present complement covering the Dagenham area is inadequate. I shall, of course, be glad to examine any case which the hon. Member may wish to bring to my notice.

Mr. Parker

Will the hon. Gentleman check up on the matter of log books, because in a great many cases evidence has been brought to my attention that two sets of log books are prepared—one to be returned officially and one containing, the facts. Will he, for the protection of the public, ensure that the books which show the hours worked are really returned?

Mr. Hay

It is the duty of our enforcement officers to go into matters of that kind. I would be grateful to the hon. Member for details of such cases as are brought to his notice.

Mr. Mellish

Is the hon. Member aware that the trade unions are very much concerned about this problem, that it is largely due to the denationalisation policy of the Government, which has meant that there are now far more C-licence holders than previously, and that this is creating a great number of problems, which means more enforcement officers are needed?

Mr. Hay

I have seldom heard such an hypothesis erected on such false foundations.

37. Mr. Parker

asked the Minister of Transport whether he is satisfied that the lorries owned by certain firms, of which the names have been supplied to him by the hon. Member for Dagenham, are operated to the public safety; and what hours were actually worked by their drivers in the past four weeks.

Mr. Hay

I am having inquiries made and will let the hon. Member know the result.