HC Deb 29 March 1960 vol 620 c1249

[Queen's Recommendation signified.]

Considered in Committee under Standing Order No. 84 {Money Committees).

[Major Sir WILLIAM ANSTRUTHER-GRAY in the Chair]

Resolved, That, for the purposes of any Act of the present Session to enable effect to be given to an international agreement for the establishment and operation of an International Development Association, it is expedient to authorise—

  1. (a) the payment out of the Consolidated Fund of sums required for making payments on behalf of Her Majesty's Government under the said agreement;
  2. (b) the raising of money under the National Loans Act, 1939, for the purpose of providing sums to be so paid or for replacing sums so paid;
  3. (c) the payment into the Exchequer, and re-issue out of the Consolidated Fund, of any sums received by Her Majesty's Government in pursuance of the said agreement;
  4. (d) the payment out of the Consolidated Fund of any sums payable under any notes or other obligations created and issued to the said Association under the said agreement.—[Mr. Barber.]

Resolution to be reported.

Report to be received Tomorrow.