HC Deb 21 July 1960 vol 627 cc861-2

Lords Amendments made: In page 4, leave out line 33.

In line 37, leave out from "Point" to end of line 38 and insert "to Gore Point."

In line 44, leave out from "to" to end of line 45 and insert: the northernmost point of Blakeney Point.

In page 5, leave out lines 7 and 8, and insert: 22. The mouth of the river Ore.

In line, 27, leave out from first "the" to "to" in line 28, and insert: West Cliff Bandstand, Ramsgate, at TR37126415".

In line 35, after "and" insert "the east".

Leave out line 38, and insert: 33. A line drawn between the seaward ends of the jetties at Littlehampton.

Leave out lines 48 and 49, and insert: lighthouse at the seaward end of Hurst Castle Spit on the mainland at SZ31838987.

In page 6, line 7, at end insert: 39A. Lines drawn across the North Ship Channel, East Ship Channel and South Ship Channel at Portland harbour between the ends of the breakwaters.

In line 13, leave out from "to" to end of line 14 and insert: the seaward end of the breakwater at Langstone Rock.

In page 7, line 4, leave out "SS41902905" and insert "SS41432851".

In line 18, leave out from second "Point" to end of line.

Leave out line 21, and insert: 68. A line drawn across the entrance of Solfach harbour from SM80162355 to SM79992365.

Leave out lines 36 and 37, and insert: 77. The mouth of the river Artro.

In page 8, line 16, leave out from "to" to end of line 17 and insert "SJ32259699."

Line 20, leave out from first "the" to "to" in line 21 and insert: seaward side of Marine Drive where it is crossed by Southport Pier at SD33021787".