HC Deb 07 July 1960 vol 626 cc673-4
6. Mr. Brockway

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies what is the number of persons now detained or rusticated or restricted in movement in Kenya, Uganda, Nyasaland, and Northern Rhodesia, respectively; and when it is proposed to release them from these confinements and restrictions.

Mr. Iain Macleod

I am circulating in the OFFICIAL REPORT the numbers controlled on 1st July by detention or restriction in each territory. The controls will be relaxed when the Governors are satisfied that they are no longer strictly required by the exigencies of the situation.

Mr. Brockway

While I recognise the new colonial climate since the right hon. Gentleman has been responsible for colonial affairs, is it not desirable that we should put an end to this very widespread detention without trial of people in these territories, and if the right hon. Gentleman is going to crown the work which he has been doing, will he not make this an urgent aim?

Mr. Macleod

Yes, Sir; I am very anxious indeed about this. The day may come when that may be possible. However, I am bound to tell the hon. Gentleman that the reports that are coming in, for example on the security situation in the last day or two in Kenya, are most disturbing indeed, and in the face of that it would certainly be folly to speed up what has been a fast release of detainees in recent months.

Following is the information:

Detained (i) Restricted (ii)
Kenya 494 784
Uganda nil 104
Nyasaland 20 385
Northern Rhodesia nil 9
(i) Vagrants and prisoners held in custody on remand or conviction by the courts are excluded.
(ii) Those restricted include persons subject to controls within their home areas and persons excluded from those areas (sometimes referred to as rustication), whether subject to further controls or not.

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