HC Deb 17 June 1959 vol 607 cc433-5
35. Mr. E. Fletcher

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs what progress has been made at the Conference between the four Foreign Ministers at Geneva.

Mr. Ormsby-Gore

I have no statement to make at the present time.

Mr. Fletcher

Is the Minister of State aware that this Conference has now been going on for some six weeks? Could he tell us whether, as reported in the Press, it is correct or not that the Russians are not prepared to entertain any proposals in regard to the future of Berlin unless we first agree to some modification of our occupational rights?

Mr. Ormsby-Gore

I think it would be much better for me not to speculate about what is going on at this Conference.

Mr. Bevan

Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that public opinion in Great Britain and, I think, throughout the world would be dismayed if this Conference ended or adjourned indefinitely without arrangements having been made for a summit meeting?

Mr. Ormsby-Gore

As my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister has frequently pointed out, it is our desire to see a summit meeting.

40. Mr. Emrys Hughes

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to what extent he has advocated at the Geneva Conference of Foreign Ministers that the official proposal made by Her Majesty's Government, for a solemn pact of non-aggression with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, should be placed on the agenda of a summit conference.

Mr. Ormsby-Gore

The question of the agenda for a summit conference has not yet been discussed at Geneva and I would prefer not to anticipate the proposals for this that might be put forward on the Western side.

Mr. Hughes

Would the Minister give us an assurance that the Prime Minister's proposal for a solemn non-aggression pact, made in a broadcast talk to the people of this country, has not been shelved or forgotten? Is the hon. Gentleman aware that in Moscow Mr. Khrushchev agreed to accept this proposal of a non-aggression pact and also the proposal made by the late Mr. Ernest Bevin? Can the hon. Gentleman assure us that this non-aggression pact is still part of the policy of Her Majesty's Government?

Mr. Ormsby-Gore

The hon. Member will also be aware that the Western peace plan tabled at Geneva contained provisions in the first stage for a common declaration about the peaceful settlement of disputes, the renunciation of the use of force inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations Charter, and a pledge to withhold assistance from an aggressor.