HC Deb 09 June 1959 vol 606 cc786-7
5. Mrs. Mann

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland how much horseflesh is sold for human consumption in Scotland; and in what areas this is permissible.

Mr. J. N. Browne

It is permissible to sell horseflesh in any area in Scotland if it has been passed as fit for human consumption. No statistics are available but so far as I can ascertain no one in Scotland eats horseflesh now.

Mrs. Mann

Is the Joint Undersecretary aware that the consumer does not know whether it is horseflesh or animal flesh? Is it not an astonishing reply when we consider that Scotland has the best herds and the best beef and is now reduced to eating horseflesh? Should it not be ticketed as such—"Horseflesh"?

Mr. Browne

I hope that the hon. Lady will give me, perhaps in a letter, chapter and verse, because it is an offence to supply horseflesh for human consumption to a purchaser who has not asked to be supplied with it or has asked to be supplied with some compound article of food not ordinarily made of horseflesh.