HC Deb 01 July 1959 vol 608 c487

Resolution reported, That, for the purposes of any Act of the present Session relating to education it is expedient, in relation to any new expenditure on aided or special agreement schools,—

  1. (a) to authorise the making of provision to increase the contributions and grants payable out of moneys provided by Parliament under sections one hundred and two to one hundred and four of the Education Act, 1944, by making the amount of the maintenance contribution under section one hundred and two, and the maximum amount of any grant under either of the other sections, three-quarters (instead of one half) of the expenses in respect of which the contribution or grant is made; and
  2. (b) to authorise the making out of moneys provided by Parliament of grants (not exceeding three-quarters of the expenditure in question) and loans in respect of expenditure incurred on the provision of sites for schools or of school buildings in order to extend the facilities for secondary education in any area in England or Wales;
but for this purpose "new expenditure" shall not include expenditure on work begun before the fifteenth day of June, nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, on work approved by the Minister of Education before that date under subsection (6) of section thirteen of the Education Act, 1944, or under any arrangements relating to work to which that section does not apply, or on work included in a programme notified to a local education authority as the main building programme approved by the Minister for the twelve months beginning with April, nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, or for any earlier period, nor expenditure on the provision of the site on which or buildings to which any such work was done or proposed to be done.

Resolution agreed to.