HC Deb 17 December 1959 vol 615 c1664

Bill to relax the financial conditions for legal aid under Part I of the Legal Aid and Advice Act, 1949, and under the Legal Aid (Scotland) Act, 1949, by altering the limits on disposable income and disposable capital, and the maximum amount of the contribution to the legal aid fund, to make further provision for the remuneration of counsel and solicitors in connection with such legal aid or with applications for it, and to explain references in those Acts to payment and the like, presented by the Attorney General; supported by Mr. R. A. Butler, Mr. John Maclay, the Lord Advocate, Sir Edward Boyle, the Solicitor General, and the Solicitor General for Scotland; read the First time; to be read a Second time upon Tuesday, 26th January and to be printed. [Bill 53.]