HC Deb 16 April 1959 vol 603 c1252

[Queen's Recommendation signified.]

Considered in Committee under Standing Order No. 84 (Money Committees).

[Sir GORDON TOUCHE in the Chair]

Resolved, That, for the purposes of any Act of the present Session to consolidate with amendments certain enactments relating to highways, streets and bridges in England and Wales, it is expedient to authorise the payment, out of moneys provided by Parliament, of

  1. (a) the expenses incurred by the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation under the said Act, to such amount as may be approved by the Treasury; and
  2. (b) any increase attributable to the said Act in the sums payable by way of Rate-deficiency Grant or Exchequer Equalisation Grant under the enactments relating to local government in England and Wales or in Scotland.—[Mr. Watkinson.]

Resolution to be reported.

Report to be received upon Monday next.